16 Yrs Old 31 Yr Bf Wants Baby Cherry Pop Q S

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Sara - April 11

My boyfriend really wants a baby im 16 and he's 30. I'll do anything to make him happy. Ive been secretly seeing him in the mornings when my mom goes to work in the mornings on the weekends. And im a virgin and im scared. He's already asking for a baby. help. Im so vonorable to stuff like this i need real answers. I always wanted to be a teen mom but i don't know. How do u get pregnant? Like does your "cherry have to pop" help w/b in post and/or w/b at [email protected]


Jen - April 11

Do not do anything to make your boyfriend happy!! Do not have s_x with him. I am 33 and there is no way I would date a 16 year old. There is no way he can be a good/honest man and date a 16 year old. I'm sure you think you are mature but there is a difference, trust me. You should be dating and hanging out wiht friends. I have a 3 year old and it's hard work, don't try to get pregnant now...wait.


OMG - April 11

Leave him at once!!!!


Makayla - April 11

Frist of all if you ghave to get pregnant just to make him happy then hes not worth keeping and anyways a man that old only wants someone that they can tell what to do .Frist off all you should know that he is someone that you shouldnt be with if you have to creep around to see him...and it you was to get pregnant and they(your family)was to asks by who what are you going to say by my 30 year old bf look sweetie im 22 and i know i could not be with a 30 year old. Look you 16 and you do not want to be a teen mom think of all the things you are going to miss out on ,going to mall party prom school.Ihope you dont think your 30 year old boyfrirnd will stay with the baby so you can go out belive me it will not be a pretty picture he will try to control you Think about it.


Audrey - April 11

Sara- Jen and Makayla are right. Plus, depending on where you live, your bf can get into big trouble because you are under 18. He can get arrested and put in jail for having s_x with a minor. If you still want to be together when you are over 18 that's another story, but for now, I'd stay away from having s_x.


Ick - April 11

If you're not ready to have s_x you're not ready for a child. Especially if you parents aren't aware of this BF, and I'm SURE they won't approve that hes 30, CRAZY. He wants a baby? WHY He's going out with one!!!!!!


maya - April 11

dump him. he is too old for u and might go to jail. so why would u get pregnant when the dad is in jail? don't ruin ur teen years for someone who probably don't really love u. he probably say it over and over but don't mean it. so please if u don't dump u then don't have s_x. if he say i will dump u if u don't have s_x with him or give him a baby then dump him. don't give in. u would regret it later on in ur life.


archie - April 11

i honestly think that this man is not right for you. Trust me just dump him and move on.



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