5 And Preg By A 20 Yr Old

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happieehunniee - January 25

Help i am preg by a 20 yr old i am 15 and a month preg i dont live with my mom i have lived with my grandparents my whole life and my grandpa died in october they had gardienship but they didnt renew it. My mum just got her other two children taken away about a month ago and i was wondering should we get married would that keep him from getting in trouble and getting his other child taken away. My grandmother know we have been having s_x and she doesnt care but i dont want him to get into trouble he didnt convince me to have s_x i made that choice on my own and i have made it before. My mom had me when she was 14 so she wont get to upset but i was wondering could my grandmother sign for me to marry him?


sarah - January 25

you cant get married with out consent from your gardian and you must be at least 16 wait until you are 16 then neither of you can get in trouble but i can't say much for his other kids


HappieeHunniee - January 25

Would my grandmother be my gardian or my mother cause i have always lived with my grandmother and she would sign.


HappieeHunniee - January 25

I am also spotting alittle and i was wondering if that means im going to lose my baby?


tara - January 25

spotting in early pregnancy is normal. But if it gets to heavy bleeding with cramps call the Dr. or go to a clinic or an emergency room right away.


Lily - January 29

My aunty on my dad's side got pregnant at 13 and married the 17 year old father 2 months before the baby was born. Mind you this was 40 years ago. THIS IS TRUE!!!


Lil - January 30

Your mom had you when she was 14? You're pregnant at 15, and your kids will follow in your footsteps just like you did. You must be so proud of yourself, sound like a real winner of a family. I can't wait for my taxes to go towards the birth and the raising of your child.


katie - January 30

yeah i totally agree wit becca fuk off and leave us alone.im 14 and pregnant and my mom was not a teen mom either.


Your taxes? - January 31

lil why would taxes go towards raising her child? are you just a__suming that she won't make anything out of herslef, I'm sure you know what a__suming things does, don't you? Why is that always the first thing people jump on? taxes? do you even know how much of YOUR taxes go towards medicaid or welfare? if you did you wouldn't even try and bring that up.


... - January 31

a__suming that this girl is 15, she would most likely be put on Medicaid, therefor, Lil' taxes will go toward the paying of this girl's child, and anyone else's child who is on welfare! You all need to get it straight!



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