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Tess - August 18

Recently i have started having s_x with people other than my b/f just for fun. i always make sure they wear condoms and i take the pill, and if i'm unwell and chuck up i don't have any s_x for a couple of weeks just in case it means that the pill won't work. But about a mounth ago i wen't to a house party and i got off with this guy and now i'm three weeks late for my period and i could have sworn we used something i'm terrified i could be pregnant. If i am Should i keep it or have an abortion? My dad would go nuts either way if he ever found out and chuck me out. i know i should have known better.


Katy - August 16

Well for a start you shouldn't be cheating on your boyfriend so if you are pregnant i would consider yourself dumped! You really should take a test to make sure you are or not pregnant. Then take the next course of action but please DON'T have an abortion


Anon - August 16

I dont think it's right for someone to tell someone else to not have an abortion. ( i am not at all for abortion ) But it is up to you. YOU are the one that has to live with the decision not Katy or anyone else on this site that tells you not to get an abortion. BUT before you make that decision, think long and hard about it. If there is any way possible that you CAN survive with a child...Abortion might not be the best option. About the rest of the stuff...yeah take a test. it will tell you whether you are or not by now, and have fun explaining it to your b/f that you were just sleeping around with other guys for fun.


Wood Nymph - August 16

First off, I would soooo run my mouth off about how much of a stupid, infidelous b___h you are for doing that to your boyfriend....and that's just being nice. But I bet you alrerady know you're a b___h...So. What if they have STD's and you pa__s it to your boyfriend? Bet you don't care either. Anyway, I hope you keep the baby so you learn your d__n lesson not to be unfaithful. I also hope everyone finds out what you did and that you're pregnant if you are, including your boyfriend. And if you haven't been stressed, maybe you are pregnant.


Shorty - August 16

You should have known better, now you have to deal with it!


Anon - August 16

Not only are you most certainly pregnant Tess, you probably have an STD as well. Get yourself tested, who knows what vile diseases you could have you s___t! It'll serve you right if your pregnant and you have lost the next 18 years of your life!


Danni - August 17

Why would she lose the next 18yrs of her life if she does what she obvisiouly wants, and should do, and has an abortion


! - August 17

Danni you silly girl open your eyes. A child is your responsibility for 18 years. You don't give birth and then it's plain sailing you know, don't be so ignorant! Even 30 year old mothers find it extremely hard, let alone teenagers.


Danni - August 18

!: You plank if your going to reply on what i said don't you think you should've read the whole of what i was saying?



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