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Angel - September 12

Hey i've never been to one of these sights before. I really need advice. I am 15 and just found out today that i was 27 weeks pregnant and i dont know what to do. I mean the dad is 17 and my mother wont tell me what she wants me to do she wont tell me any thought of hers, she says its my choice. I dont know when they were monograming the two ladies were awwing and it was killing me i wanted to see it so bad. (( i could not because i was at an abortion clinic and there were no doctors to be able to show me.)) But i am not sure on if i want to keep the baby or not. I mean my mother wants nothing to do with the father of my baby. I have no clue what to do please help me.


Viv - September 9

I'm sorry to hear of your problem, Angel. I'm not against first trimester abortion, but 27 weeks is past abortion time. You must be some overweight not to have realized sooner. Would you mind giving this baby up for adoption? It would make a wonderful Christmas present for some loving couple. Come back and let us know.


:) - September 9

Hello, well this is completely your desicion. Im sure your mother doesn't want to make any desicions for you as in further years you may regret it and she wants to leave it up to you. Does the father of the baby know that he is going to be a daddy, if he doesn't you should tell him because he does have every right to know. 27 wks is quite far along, myself I dont believe in abortion I am 17 and 32wks pregnant, and it is a great thing, Im sure what ever desicion you make your mother will stick by you it has probly' come as a shock to her that her baby is going to have a baby. Maybe if you dont think you can cope raising a child you could give it up for adoption, but this will be one of the biggest desicions you will ever make in your life and it is sometimes hard to make the best one. I wish you the best of luck, just think if you do go through with it you will have a beautiful baby at the end, good luck! xo :)


Angel - September 9

I'm not sure what to do i know its too late for an abortion. I'm not sure what i want to do I was wandering what y'all would do if y''all were in my situation


Shelly - September 9

Angel i didnt know what to do about my sone when i found out about him at 25 weeks pregenant and i never knew what i would do with a baby but know he is here and i wouldnt take it bavk for nothing he is my world just like his dad is. good luck


Nikki Lee - September 9



Sam - September 10

Wotever u do dont have an abortion..go thourhg with the rest of the pregnancy and if you really dont want to keep your baby i think you should put the baby up for adoption but defenately dont have an abortion.how have you not realised that you were pregnant til 27 weeks??What does your bf have to say about this??


Kay - September 11

Stop telling people to have abortion's


Angel - September 11

Actually im underweight for 6 months i am only 110. I dont mean that i actually just found out i was pregnant i knew that.. i found out how far along i was. i'm not that stupid! i'm way to far along to have an abortion any ways. thanx for thinking of that but i have and im not able to do that i pa__sed that mark 3 wks ago.. but i have come up with an answer. I am goin to give it up for adoption i am seeting up an appointment with an adoption councelor this thursday.


Nicole - September 11

Angel- It sounds like you have made a wonderful decision by giving this baby up for adoption. You will never know the type of gift you are giving someone & your baby by choosing adoption. You will never regret this decision because it was your own. You should appreciate your mother for allowing you to make such a decision. She must be a great mom. Take care & God bless.


Cory - September 11



Mickey - September 11

hey good luck with the adoption and remember try to go through with the kinda that you can pick the parents like get to know them and stuff cuz if you can and there really nice maybe theyll let you be a part of the babys life and youll be able to know your baby and seee it grow up but not be mommy you know what i mean i no that last part sounded like i dunno not what i ment but thats the only way i could put it but anyways Angel good luck i hope it all works out for you


very very very right choice - September 12

good on u angel. unless this is a lie you've made the EXTREMELY rightchoice. you wont regret it. the childs ging t go to someone who really really really want's ths baby and will look after it. I know you would love to keep it and putting it up for adoption doesn't mean u don't love it. you'll meet it when ure older. an u can also have kids when u r ready. it isn't fair if on you if u keep the kid when u r not ready. the kid will go to great place. people that have the money and time, the love, and basically everything it needs since they want a baby. what u r doing might be hard at first, but it is ever so right.


Angel - September 12

Thank you for your support it has helped me on my choice. I've seen many of great parents out there for my baby. I haven't yet chosen the right one but i know i will.


Ebony - September 21

You shold keep the baby. People go to jail for murder right? Well this is the same thing you are killing an innocent being. Murdering me is just as much of a crime as killing that baby. You may not go to jail but u will ALWAYS HAVE A GUILTY CONCIENSCE.


Daah - September 22

For gods sake Ebony read properley, she said adoption not abortion. Before you make silly comments get your facts right. It isn't murder. And murdering you isnt such a bad idea seeing as you know nothing and have singleminded brainwashed views.



What a moron you are. Doesn't get a brain until 5 months? Also, how long do you think 27 weeks is?? Its nearly 7 months. Where do you get your information from? F__g packets?



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