Heavy Period While Pregnant

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Suzanna - December 1

Is it possible to have a heavy period while your pregnant? Im kinda concerned...


KATHLEEN - December 2



Hilary - December 3

Chances are u wouldnt be on the net if u were miscarrying unless its a slow miscarriage... not calling u a liar just saying its probably not a m/c but u should call ur doc anyhow


T - December 4

Suzanna - If you are pregnant and having a heavy period then you must see your doctor right away or go to the hospital if the pains are severe. Dont wait. See your doctor. Hilary - Some women dont experience any pains during miscarriage or beleive its break through bleeding and walk around while having one. So yes you can be on the computer while you're having one.


sarah - December 26

hey...i am pregnant and i have a heavy period right now to...im really scared..but i dont know what to do because i havnt even told my parents.... im scared i might be having a miscarriage because i have been having really bad cramps as well... [email protected] we can talk if you want..


Elizabeth - January 4

I am having bleeding while i beleave ièm pregnant i missed my last period last month and am gettting really scared


bump - January 12



tiff - January 12

i have had a miscarriage and i first experienced really bad lowere abdomen pains worse than cramps then i just started bleeding heavily it lasted for 17 days


Jessie - January 12

My bf and i had unprotected s_x...he pulle dout but also told me to stand up as like a percaution...i guess...well i got what i think might be my period..but it might not...this is around the time i usually get my period and everythgin seems normal but im still nto sure...waht should i do???


chloe - January 13

jessie: i am going thru exactly tha same thing as u @ tha moment cept tha guy wasnt ma bf so i dont no if i am pregnant cuz i no u can get ur period at the start of pregnancy cuz it happnd 2 ma frends sista


MEl - January 13

Im trying to get pregnant as well. I missed my per. last month this month i have a very light period for the last three days. I hope that i am pregnant. Should i take a test or consider it a "no"?


andrea - August 9

can you get pregant and have your period at the same time


Kayla - September 14

Ive had took 4 pregnancy test 2 said positive 2 said negative my lower stomach is hard and I just started my period what should I do?


Marie - September 15

First off how far alone would you be? If it is early it could be implantation bleeding or there are some women who have periods while pregnant. Just to be sure, if it gets bad then you should see a doctor.


lailah - September 25

i am pregnant and im 20 years old this is my first child and i have been bleeding heavily lately and i have cramps randomly i dont know if this is normal but my doc. appointment is tomorrow and i am so scared...


desiree - September 26

are you pregnant if you have a regular menstrual cycle



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