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not-falling - July 9

hey, sorry to be a pain in the butt... but i read somewhere your 17 and just had a little boy? (congrats by the way).. im pregnant and 17 too... my due date is janurary 1st! haha... but yeah.. i know you love your boy and are really enjoying being a mum.. and i was just wondering if you ever felt worried about like, missing out on things you could have done in life if you didnt have a baby and stuff, latly ive been feeling sorry for myself, my friends can go out and do lots of things that and i cant and wont have a chance to do for a long time now.. if you dont know my story, the father of my baby lives 6 hours away, he already has a 3 year old girl, i dont live or even talk to my parents, so im doing it on my own.. sorry, i guess just seeing as you have a little experience with this sorta stuff i was looking for a little advice or encouragement or something lol thanks dear!.. id like to see photos of your beautiful little boy if u have a chance too! What did you name him?


lilmomma88 - July 9

Hey girl, yeah I know how you feel. I know it feels like your going to miss out on alot, but honestly, your not. Having a baby does change EVERYTHING... but it's so worth it! When I was pregnant I was very sick and didn't hang out with any of my friends or do much of anything. Here's some advice...if you are feeling up to it..hang out with your friends, do everything you would normally do (just be careful...and no drinking/drugs obviously) You can still go to the movies.. hang out at friend's houses... go to the mall..etc.. soak up YOU time before its all about your baby. When you see your baby come into the world.. it's so will forget about everything you just told me..i promise. There is nothing better than being a mommy! If you still need to talk, you can e-mail me or write back [email protected] and leave me your e-mail so I can send you pics... his name is Hayden Eric Robert Olmstead (his initials are HERO!) and he is the love of my life =)


sunshyne9 - July 11

HEy Lilmomma88 you should post some pics.. lots of us would love to see them.. I love pics of new babies ... awwww.. good luck to the both of you :)


lilmomma88 - July 11

Hey, thanks....if I could figure out how to post pics I would!! I don't have enough to make a whole website...I only have 3 pics


lilmomma88 - July 11

3 pictures on the computer that is..



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