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katie - November 17

yesterday (16.11.05) i had a abortion. i rele truly regret it. im 16 and was ten weeks 2 days and after my abortion i looked at sites, to see how devleoped they were at 10 weeks, and they are, they have fingers and toes and ears and a face. please someone help iv done the worst thing i cud have ever done! my bf kinda told me he didnt want it, i was exited, but his negative att_tude pushed me into it, and now i cant stop crying. i feel so bad i need some hjelp of something. im english is there any help i can get over here please?


Grandpa Viv - November 17

Katie, you are experiencing the guilt reaction anyone has when something goes wrong in their lives. We sympathize. It has to do with learning not to make the same mistake again. Focus on preparing yourself to be the best possible mother when you are educated, married, and have a baby ten years from now. The present grief will subside slowly. Your community must surely have counselors to help you through this. Search on the Internet or in the phone book. Best wishes.


To Katie - November 17

Hi Katie! Im 21, now ,but when I was 17 I had an abortion. I felt horrible afterwards even now when i think about it I get a little sad ,but dont worry it will subside. Did the Dr. at the clinic counsel you? I would say the best place to go is back to were you rec the abortion they will probably be aware of all the aftermath of the feelings that go along with an abortion. Does your BF know how you feel?


g - November 17

your only 16 you made a mistake, stop looking at sites, now you goes on, you did what you had to do, just think you pleased your boyfriend, you knew what an abortion was, and youstill did it, now your grown up enough to have s_x, your grown up enough to get an abortion, I am sure your boyfriend is happy that he does not have any responsibility...alls well ends well.


mia - November 19

Hey i had one when i was 18, with an abusive guy, stop having s_x for a while. Collect your thoughts and clear your head, the guilt will go as will the pain. Listen to grandpa's advice and know that even tho u dont have to be married the time will come when u are ready, live your life cause unlike the silly teens i see on other posts planning babies they have no idea how hard it is, mine can be a 14 hr day baby, The pain will go believe it or not and one day u will be like me and realise that at that time u did the right thing, take care



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