Can Anyone In Here Answer This

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Mary - October 19

Will the first time you have s_x cause you to have an irregular period?And if so why?


Rk - October 19

im not exactly sure why but it has happend to many of my friend.


Maggie - October 20

Yes it can, and it could happen for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that it really isn't a period at all. You could be bleeding from your v____al area due to the trauma of losing your virginity (breaking the hymen). A lot of girls mistake this for a period. This could also be a case of psyching yourself out. Some girls get really paranoid about being pregnant, so their bodies will mimick the signs of pregnancy. I personally stressed myself out so much that I didn't get a period for over three months after losing my virginity. Also, remember that when you have s_x your body gets flooded with hormones. The release of hormones will sometimes trigger strange reactions in your body, and you could get your period earlier or later than expected. If you've started having s_x, and you are concerned about these things, my best advice to you would be to go on birth control. Not only would you have protection against pregnancy, but birth control will put you on a perfect 28 day cycle. Sorry to harp on you, but you know you MUST make your partner wear a condom to protect you from STDs, which can also alter your period. I hope I answered your question.


Mary - October 20

Well i just had s_x for the first time recently..used a condom and also pulled out...but my period is a little late..and it has never been irregular...and some friends of mine said that the first time you have s_x it will slow it down and said that I have nothing to worry about..but I am really scared and paranoid...thank you so much Maggie and Rk..if anyone else has some advice for me please tell me...Im really scared...I have always been a good girl..dont drink..or smoke..and i make good grades...and I just wouldnt know what to do..thank yall so much!


Helpful - October 20

Maggie's advice is right on. If your period is a couple of day's late and you want to ease your thoughts, take a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative and you are still going to be having s_x, I would suggest you speak to your mom or other trusted adult to get you on birth control pills. Whilst on the pill, you should always use condoms for double protection against pregnancy, and also to protect yourself from STD's.



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