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YoungLove - January 23

I'm 18 years old, and due July 15th. My boyfriend and I are living in a homeless shelter, but it's not all that bad. We have heat, food, beds, showers, transportation, etc. I'm getting MassHealth and foodstamps, as well as working 30-or-so hours a week. We're working on getting our lives together before Baby comes... something that I never thought I would be saying. I was scared to death when I first found out that I was pregnant. We were living in my van, putting plastic bags over the windows when it rained, and hiding under the blankets when it got too cold. But now that we're in a more stable environment, I'm wicked excited. I don't expect this to be easy, and I'm not hear because I need someone to give me a "reality check". I'm posting on this board because the one person in my life who would be able to give me adivce... my mother... is... unwilling. There are some things about my pregnancy I'm not so sure about... I'm in my 2nd trimester now, and I've been getting "period cramps"... is this normal? When I first got pregnant, I didn't think I was going to be keeping the baby (would you raise a child in the back of a van?) and I got drunk and thought nothing of using cleaning supplies... I've completely stopped all of that, and don't even do heavy lifting now... is my baby at great risk for defects? I want a completely natural birth... no epidural, no c-section, I don't even want an episiotomy..... unless they are absolutely necessary. Is this just a dream? Could someone who was thinking along the same lines tell me how it went for them? I'm a vegetarian, and have been since I was 11. I'm worried that I'm anemic. Are certain prenatals better for vegetarians? If "discharge" changes thickness, color, etc... is that a sign of yeast infection? Could it be something more serious? I'm constantly tired... to the point where I go to bed 4 hours early, and don't want to wake up in the morning. 2 hours on my feet at work has my calves and butt killing me. My back is constantly hurting me. Is so much pain and fatigue common early on in pregnancy? I don't know... I just ask that if you have an answer or can direct me in the right direction for even one of my questions... I'm that much closer to being at ease about my pregnancy. I appriciate it. I figure that the only way I'll ever find out... is to ask. (YoungLove)


abriamiacadia - January 23

Well I cant tell ya about much, but i can say something about the period cramps. Those seem to be normal. I have HORRIBLE cramps alot lol. But me and my baby are healthy. About the drinking and cleaning supplies..not the best bet for baby, but as long as your done drinking and doing that, its ok. Though im not gonna tell you if the baby is healthy or not thats for your doc. to tell you. Some women do everything PERFECT, but their babies still have problems. The fatigue and aching better be normal lol. I get those and im earlier than you. But i mostly get the sleepiness. I could sleep ALL day if i could. Sometimes i feign sickness to mom so i can sleep all day lol. So, congrats, and good luck. Keep us posted!


ChattyKathy - January 23

Unfortunately, yes. Pain and fatigue are part of the package and thats not going to go away any time soon. If you're a vegetarian just make sure you eat a variety of vegetables that will give you enough nutrients. Normal prenatals will take care of any gaps in your diet. And no, your baby will probably suffer no ill effects now that you are taking care of yourself properly. Many women drink and do pregnancy no-no's before they find out they're pregnant. Just take care of yourself from here on out and you will have a healthy baby. As far as the epidural, hun, dont be concerned to take medication if you need it. The epidural goes straight into your spine and wont reach your baby. So, if you get into labor and decide you want something for the pain do not worry that you are putting your child in any sort of danger. You arent! Labor is different for every mother. Just educate yourself on all your options so when the time comes for you, you'll know what to expect and which option you want to choose. Congrats on the pregnancy!


YoungLove - January 24

thanks for the help! I'm not worried about an epidural because of risk to Baby... more because I want to get the "full effect" of my first pregnancy. I want to feel it all. :)



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