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Confused 18 year old - December 1

...ok... this might be confusing but please try and follow me.... .....I just got on the Depo Shot(about 3 1/2 months ago) and well i have been having problems with it so im not taking it anymore... to get to the point...mmmkay! im all shakin up because i had a regular period then i got on the shot and i had my period the month after i got on the shot (about the time it normally comes) and it lasted about 2 weeks., which sucked.... well latley when me and my boyfriend have s_x the condom either comes off or most of the time it breaks and he has "came" im me.. we tried different types but still no luck... :(.... and i started my period yesterday and it started off a really lite pink color.. its not heavy like normal... :/.... im still on it and its still lite and pink like.. i have no idea whats going on... normally by my second day(which is today) its heavy.... and a red color... Can someone please help me out... just any sugguestions would work!.. thank y'all!


Mel - December 2

Your system might still be trying to get to normal from the shot you were taking. But since you're not on anything and the condom keeps breaking be carfull and to try to prevent the condom from breaking try baby oil.


Grandpa Viv - December 2

There's a right way and a wrong way to put a condom on. There needs to be some slack at the end to hold the c_m, or the c_m works its way back up the shaft of the p___s and acts as a lubricant to let it slide off. The slack at the end must not have an air bubble in it, or the pressure may pop the condom. DO NOT use baby oil or vaseline as a lubricant. They damage latex. Use KY Jelly or similar. Make sure the condoms you use are the right diameter. Super size it if needs be. Make sure they have not pa__sed the use-by date or been carried around in someone's billfold for weeks. After your guy comes, it's time to get it out of there. Reach down and hold the top of the condom in place as he withdraws. If you go at it again, use a new condom. Finally, if you use v____al spermicide, it will act as a safety in case the condom fails.



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