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LeLe - August 27

ok i was on my period.. i was about to get off of it.. me n my boyfriend had unprotected s_x and he came in me.. then 2 days after that we had s_x again n it was unprotected and he came in me.... i had this pink brownish stuff like 3-4 days after that that was only there when i whipe.... could i be pregnant... please help me.... i need sum advice n stuff!....


Shorty - August 11

NEXT TIME USE PROTECTION!!! Every thime you have s_x there is the chance of getting pregnant, but also having s_x effects your bleeding too. I would wait and see what happens, and take a test if you miss your next period.


LeLe - August 12

Well my period is due about the or so.... but im going to tha dyno to get on tha shot!... then my mom will find out... which sucks!.... i know we should have used protection but everyone said u cant get preg.. on ur period!!


SaRaH - August 12

Everyone lies or they are uneducated. It is better to be safe than sorry! It is probally better to tell your mom that you are s_xually active rater than tell her that you are pregnant! :) god bless!


Helen - August 12

YES you can get pregnant whilst on your period. There is a chance you can get pregnant at any time, there are just days when you are most fertile, that's all. It is possible that you could be pregnant. As you period is due, get a test to find out for sure. If it is negative, sit tight and if your period still hasn't arrived in 3 days time, re-test. Good luck! A slight pinky browny discharge CAN be a sign of implantation bleeding


Nicole - August 12

Get a pregnancy test!!!...that's the only way anyone can help you...i have thought i was pregnant several times before because if you think you might be sometimes your body may act that way...however i am 5 month pregnant now and i didn't even think i was this time...only after my period was 2 month late!!...so the only way to really know is to get a test.


C.J. - August 23

i think you should take a test, and like shorty said, use protection


nana - August 26

im going through the same thing i need to know too.can you tell me and send it tomy e-mail tooreal21aol.com


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

next time use protection and wait a few years till having s_x! Like the others said get a test to find out or doc's.the only ways u can find out or ur period is late . just keep on testing1 GOOD LUCK EITTHER WAY xoxox



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