Morning Sickness

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shell7708 - February 3

hiya iv just started to have morning sickness its not the nicest thing in the world and i would love to hear how other people coped with it it doesnt go away all day and its worse if i have a sleep in the day and tips would be great thaxs shel xx


mickey87 - February 3

My morning Sickness wasnt too bad it was pretty much justwhen i woke up but my doctor prescribed me these pills the names like diclectin, there perfectly safe and they completely stopped my morning sickness as well as my sister who mind you was sick all day all night for the first 3 months of her pregnancy and lost a alottt of weight*until she got on these pills* so maybe ask your doctor about them~


m_tuck719 - February 14

Make sure you eat right when you get up. My morning sickness was crazy. I was sick all day, but it wasnt as bad if i had something in my stomach. Carry crackers with you. My doctor also presribed me pills but I'm not too sure of the name. Just ask and I'm sure they'll figure something out


Kay - February 16

I always had dry toast usually that worked but its different for everyone , search the web you might find some useful tips ;)


krystle - March 1

well mine is the worst because i feel sick all day and dont throw up and i didnt have the sensation to eat i lost 6 pounds becasue of that and i am only 10 weeks. Now the babys easing up on me i guess it figures i gotta eat someday lol


Jamie-Lee - March 2

I feel sick sometimes during the day,it comes and goes.I was told to eat things like dry toast,soda crackers and dry cereal like cheerios.


Channy - March 2

MY morning sickness was HELL. I had it for the 1st 3 months and it was killing me:|. All I had to do was eat crackers and drink lots of takes time to get used to it. Whenevr i wanna eat my fav. food i get sick right away and throw it all out of me. nasty but eh its morning doc never gave me a pill for it. i just fought it



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