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angelmonkey - April 28

ok so Heidi got weighed monday and she's lost weight :( she lost and Oz and a half so that makes her 10lb 13oz at 11weeks old, she's quite a small baby anyway i think she is usually in ike the 25th percentil and now she's in like the 10th percental just from loosign and oz and a half is it normal for a , baby to have only gained 3lbs in 11 weeks? she a bit ill atm theres a cold going around which i caught which then passed on to her, she's very bunged up and has been sick a few times over the last days, she's not usually, she's also become very fussy at night, she was doing real good! the longest she has gone is 7.30pm to 5am then 9am she usually does between 8-9 ( she's always in bed at 8 but will sometimes lie there talking to her self for a while) until about 4 am then 8 am, i think thats pretty good for 11 weeks it was 8-4 then 6 then 8 but she's missed out the second feed in the last week which is nice but she's been good at night for about the last 4 weeks...........but she's really fussy the last week she still only wakes up for 1 feed but she wakes up imbetween and cries until i put her dummy in and send her back of to sleep she does this up to 10 times a night sometimes? any reasons why she may have become like this? i know her being ill doesnt help but this started about 3days before she got ill?


Grandpa Viv - April 28

Angel, I think it's time for you to transition to a baby care forum. Type that into a search engine - you will have plenty of company. Good luck!


amanda17 - April 28

Well Ellie was about that size at her age... but she never lost any weight. Hm. Has she been rejecting the b___st at all or eating less during the day? You said she was teething, and it's common for babies to get frustrated with eating so they may lose a little bit of weight. Fussiness at night could be due to teething as well.


angelmonkey - April 28

yea she has been a bit fussy where her nose is a bit stuffy so she finds it hard to eat and gets frustrated and kinda gives up but she was like this a few days before she was ill but im thinking she not of been showing symtoms but she of been ill still, she's not been bad today she's been eating at usual times and for about the same lenth tbut it's now 1am and i've just had to feed her? i mean whats up with that? she usually goes till atleast 3am? she ate for quite a while too? i mean does being ill make a baby more hungry? is her body trying to recover the weight she lost? i dont know? she's still a happy baby despite being ill, she's still all full of smiles lol. grandpa viv i understand what your saying i also go to babycare forums as well as this one, i was here through ttc and through my pregnancy and so was quite a few on here and we still talk i dont see why i should't be able to them questions too?


amanda17 - April 29

It still could be related to teething. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you're hungry... whether you woke up due to hunger or not. I mean it could be for another reason but teething is the only thing I can think of that explains everything. If you're worried enough about it you can ask her pediatrician (or I think you call it something else?) what he thinks about it and what you can do to help her gain a bit more.


angelmonkey - April 29

yea we have health visitors here lol, yea im thinking maybe it is, its the only thing i can think of, the health visitor said that if i dodnt take her that week and took next week they may not even noticed a drop in weight so she wasn't too woried, she said it may be because im ill it can affect my milk so maybe that's why? she seems a bit better today its a 10.30pm here and she was a bit of i nightmare to settle, i think it may be teething and her being ill rolled in to one maybe.........thanks for the advice


Floricica - April 29

Just make sure that she is hydrated. And remember babies go through growth spurts also. Some weeks they are not hungry, then other weeks they eat like piggies. Just make sure she is hydrated. If she is stuffed up, then most likely that is the reason why she is waking up all the time. If she is in a crib, you can actually prop the crib mattress with a pillow or something. Put a pillow underneith the crib matress so that its slanted and her head at the top. This help the mucus in babies to flow down easily. I went through RSV with my son when he was 2 months old. It was so terrible that I had to bring a machine home and have him breath in a medicine that opens his air ways. But yeah just pay attantion to her for hydration and if she has no dyreah or feever then I would worry much. my son didnt sleep through a night untill he was two. lol even now he wakes up and tossess n turns a little. Not all babies work on a scedule. Some sleep some are human clocks that dont sleep ever.


amanda17 - April 29

God I wish I would have thought about propping Ellie's mattress up when she was a miserable sleeper. She seemed to sleep better sitting up, at first I thought it was acid reflux but I've noticed a lot of babies are more comfortable like that... Beside the point. If she was going through a growth spurt... that would explain her not eating so well but not why she would be losing a bit of weight. As for what your health visitor said... I haven't heard that before. I read in a book while I was pregnant that being sick wouldn't effect the b___stmilk at all. Of course that book was from like 1960 hahaha so it's probably inaccurate.


angelmonkey - April 30

well tonight she woke at 3am for a feed and im feeding her now which is 6am so i think she's decided she'd still like 2 feeds at night, yea amanda i thought it was strange, she said its because your ill your body doesnt make it aswell or as good quality?? i wonder if you no this question? im suposed to going out for pretty much the day on saturday ice skating with my family and i was going to express enough milk for her to stay at home with tonie but will not feeding her through the day affect my milk supply??


amanda17 - April 30

It might but you can always bring it back up.... Usually when you want to pump, you have to pump regularly and store it in the freezer or even pump and dump. But I think you'll be fine. Really, uncomfortable though haha.


angelmonkey - April 30

yea i was thinking that lol, i mean i've worked out i'll miss about 3 feeds 4 at the most nd she has about 6feeds most, i tend to pump after i've fed her sometimes i'll get alot sometimes not, i know you can store BM in the fridge for 5days so the first lot i expressed wednesday woulf of been in for 4 days.......i mean she was having one feed night for over a week and has now gone backto two andi still have milk so im sure it will be ok..... as for Heidi she's still being sick after most feeds whichis strange because after 5 weeks she was never sick after meals im hoping its just this cold bug that is somehow making her sick :(


amanda17 - April 30

You shouldn't run out of milk when you pump. The purpose of it is to make more milk. When your milk seems to stop coming, keep pumping and you'll feel your milk coming, then it will give you a bit more and start and stop after that. Just keep doing it until you feel you have enough.


angelmonkey - April 30

but eventualy you empty your b___st of milk? thats what i do after her feed i pump until my b___b is emtpy and the next time i have a bit more because i pumped so because i emptied more i produced more the next time......sometimes's i'll pump a couple of hours before her next feed but i dont like empty incase she decides she's hungry early...........well so far i have expressed 10 oz i think i need between 16-20oz to last her while im gone, its hard to know how many oz she drinks because i dont express often but sometimes she's drink like 5 0z sometimes only 2? not sure if thats normal


amanda17 - April 30

Well technically it empties, but that's why you keep pumping after it does. That way it'll produce more. It only takes a minute at most for your body to produce more milk. Basically the nature-reason for that is if the baby kept sucking and there was no milk, she would go hungry. So all she had to do was keep sucking and more milk would come. I hope that makes sense haha.


V9653 - May 1

Overall I wouldn't freak out. I think Amanda is right about the b___stmilk issue. You HAVE to be on that or you can see effects in the baby's weight. Even just skipping a meal because you were sick, can seem to lighten or lessen your supply like the next day. I ran into that problem with my son because I was so stressed I wouldn't notice I had missed a meal so the next day my son would be wanting to feed more often. I'd pump and look at the milk and itd either be less thick or I wouldn't have as much. You have to remember that these are the days of rapid growth, so Heidi is growing longer and her body burns fuel faster as it happens and as he starts becomng more alert and active. Any change like sickness to her or sickness to you that may have caused you to not eat as much, therefore having less in you to produce milk, can lead to a little weight loss. It wasn't enough to worry, but it was enough to say you have to try something different.


angelmonkey - May 1

wow amanda i didn't know that thanks. v i see what you mean but i dont feel my ilness had made meeat less? inface if anything i've noticed my appit_te has gone through the roof lol! its strange becuase she slept until 4am last night and that was her only feed? when the last few nights she's been having two? i defo think she's had a growth spurt though. would explain alot lol, her clinic isn't open monday because of the bank holiday so i have to wait until the monday after unless i get really concerned and the health visitor will come out but im too concerned about her at the moment as she seem's a lot better and happier the last few days......... another think that she does which i think is strange is she doesn't make alot of sound during the day (baby talk) but if we put her say on her playmat she sits there talking and gigling or when we put her in her cot at night she talks and squels so much! but never when we talk or hold her? i mean we'l get the occacional sound but nothing like when she's laid on her own? anyone had this with there babies? or know why she only does it when she's by herself?


amanda17 - May 1

I don't think the talking issue is anything to worry about. When Ellie first started to talk she rarely did it at all... I always looked at it like, say if you were going to learn Spanish (or some other language) it would be kinda embarra__sing if you pronounced everything wrong in front of someone who spoke it fluently, so you practice it in private. I have no idea if that's what it is, but that's how it is in my head hahaha.



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