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lost - August 29

i am 14 and have a boyfriend thats in jail.he is coming home soon and i know that we are going to have s_xual intercourse.but i have a strong feeling that ima get pregnet.i dont want to but wont mind it either.but wat should i do because we always use the pull out method and for his first time out of jail will he be able to pull out fast enough or know when he's going to pre c_m


- August 29

tell ur mom get on birth controll, always use a condom, just to be extra safe. u dont want to come home with AID or a STD


Jamie - August 29

If you know you're going to have s_x PLEASE use condoms.I was your age when I had s_x for the first time.I got pregnant and it hit like a ton of bricks.I accepted it but I knew I was too young to suport my child..just as I was about to tell my parents I miscarried.I was upset but I think it was for the best.I'm not being rude but you really have to think about it.Your teen years are very precious and they go fast,trust me,i'll be 19 September 24th and I can't believe it.Try spending the day by yourself with someone's baby.It's not easy.Just don't purposely to get prengant right now.A guy doesn't pre-c_m..pre-c_m is there when a guy would I say this?.. turned on?It's just a little bit of liquid that comes out of his p___s but it's not c_m.It does have up to a thousand sperm in it though and if I'm pregnant right now it's because of that so pulling out is not safe.Are you at least on birth control?Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this.


lost - August 29

i told my mother that i needed birth control and we planned it i went to the doctor and everthing but she wont get it because shes scared because of the symthoms she had wen she was on it


Shannon - August 30

Your b/f is gettting out of jail, your 14 and your mom is ok with this? Please tell your mom to get you the b/c. You really don't need to be having children!


Jamie - August 30

What were some of those symptoms?I know one of mine was weight gain but other than that I was fine,I just had to change my diet.I think I'd rather the symptoms (depending on how bad and what they are) over being pregnant at such a young age.Don't plan on getting pregnant..use protection but IF you do get pregnant then just accept it and hold your head up.


lost - August 30

yes shannon my mother does know and she is very close wit his mother as well as me being close to his whole family and it wasnt his fault it was his friend and his mother


Jessi - August 30

Hi, you can always go to planned parenthood yourself and get on the pill. It is free and confidential. You do not need your mothers permission.


lost - September 1

oh i didnt kow that but thanks for telling me but im stil confused wither or not i should have a baby i do but then i dont and i dont want to have one then regret it lata on in life i reallydont know


becki - September 2

i cnt tell ya wot u shud or shdnt do but i can tell ya wot i fink is best, well fink bout it if u av a baby now, 1st dats ya teenage yrs gon, no clubbin or stayin out all nyt wid lads ya only jus met lol n wot if ya b/f changes his mind wen da baby c_ms n leaves u wid a baby all on ya own. or wot if he goes bk 2 jail (but dis tym 4 a long tym) agen youll b on ya own wid a baby at jus 14/15. i no ur mom will probz b dere 4 ya but it ent da same as sa daddy bein dere. im not sayin dnt hav a baby im jus sayin fink carefully bout it hun xXx gd luk xXx im sur ull make da ryt decision xXx


anon - September 2

your mother is scared about the symptoms of using birth control?? i think that if my daughter told me she was planning on having s_x with a guy that is about to get outta jail i would be more concerned about that!! i would do everything in my power to keep that predator well away from my little girl. what kind of mother would be ok with this??? what is the world coming to?? unbelievable!!!


to anon - September 2

he's nly 16 and ima be 15 soon so age diffrence is nuthing and he is not a preditor and for ur info he relly cares about me and let me decide wat i want to do and i choose to have s_x with him not him so there for mnd urs and we have been together for a year and a half so i know he really loves me so there for my mother has nothing to do with me iight


becki - September 3

2 lost. well wot eva u choose 2 do, plzzzz keep us imformed. thnx gd luk hunny xXx


anon - September 3

your post made absolutely no sense. how about concentrating more on being able to use correct grammar and trying to construct a sentence before you concentrate on your s_x life.



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