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Ashley - November 6

Hi, my name is Ashley Heasty. I'm 16 and 6 months pregnant. I am the founder of a program in my state for Wexford and Missaukee counties. It's call TPSG. I see that a lot of you girls here are alot like my clients here in Michigan. If you have: ANY questions about pregnancy and/or s_x, Need valued information, or just need someone to listen or hand out information for you CONTACT ME at [email protected] I PROMISE you that everyhting is strictly CONFIDENTAL adn I will RESPECT you no matter what. I have many reliable resources to use such as locl health departments and doctors that are willing to give me information to give to you. I am NOT a professional and NOT licensed yet. But I can promise you I will help as much as I can. Good luck ladies and I hope you will contact me.


Ashley - November 6

For your information I am a collage enrolled student for Nursing. My grandmother works at a public Health Department in which a co-worker of hers asked me to take on this project. I know a hell of a lot more than you when it comes to certain situations. You don't know me and you don't know what I stand for. I didn't have much of a child hood and have been living on my own for 2 years. So before you go on and judge me or any of the girls in this forum about their motives and what they are going through maybe you should take a good look in the mirror and figure out who you are. No one appreciates someone who puts them down or has a mouth that can't speak for thierselves. Stop judging and let the people who can give these girls positive information and help a chance to do so. If you can't contribute DON'T post.


krista - November 6

Ashley, I think what you are doing is awesome and you sound very intelligent and mature, especially for your age.UNKNOWN is the one who sounds like a child.


E - November 6

That is nice of you Ashley and good luck to you and your baby:)


UNKNOWN - November 8



talia - November 9

hi im talia ive been with my boyfriend for a year now and been seeing him for 4 years and he is soon to propose to me i know i might be young but we want to but stay engaged for as long as we can and not rush into gettin married untill where over 18 but i would just like to know we want to have a baby when MARRIED but we keep talking about it and no we havnt had s_x yet we want to wait till marriage but we cant hellp thinknig about babies do you think this is wierd? i mean we REALLY want one but we both know we cant and it makes us upset that were to young to be even thinking about it were even saving up and working for our future? pleaseee helppp i need some suggestions plea__ssee :( :(



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