Boy Or Girl I M Scared

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soon 2 be dad - January 23

my gf is 15 and 4 months pregnant and we are going in for the ultra sound next month. to tell you the truth at first i wanted a girl so bad because they are usually closer to the father, but now after i see the way girls are, and especially the way guys are i dont want my little girls to be used or get hurt, and i know you will all say it depends how you bring them up but that is not always the case, i just need a little help from an experienced person that raised a good daughter. PLEASE HELP!!!!


Some encouragement - January 23

My first was born many years ago when I was in high school. She was due just after graduation, but decided to come early in March instead. I had married and moved in with her father just 1 month before she was born. We had only know each other for 5 months. I lived with him until she was about 1 year old and then moved out (many arguements and we didn't get along). We ended up going through some really nasty custody battles until she was about 3 when I got full custody. Just after that, I met a man and (guess I didn't learn) got pregnant within months of meeting him. We were married when I was 8 months pregnant. My oldest daughter lived in two seperate houses (her father's and mine) for the first 3 years of her life, she was in counceling and very confused and upset a lot of the time. We moved many times due to financial problems and lived very poorly until she was about 11 years old. We were finally able to buy a house and begin getting our act together. The moral of the story is: she is graduating from a private University this May, she already has a career lined up, she is not seriously involved with any man at this point, she beleives in chast_ty and has said she will wait until she finds the right man. She owns her own car, pays her own bills and has become an amazing woman with her own ideas and goals.


Channy - January 23

Congrats "soon to be dad". Girls are daddys' special princesses. =) Er I wish I could help you. But..the father ain't in the picture cause he's a wanker who left me when I was 2 and a half months pregnant/ He did seen her 5 times after birth and that was all. I've treated my daughter like a princess..she's spoiled REALLY BAD! She gets what she wants. I can't help it. Well i can, but she's my girl and I love to spoil her. To tell you the truth, I'm sOo over-protective of my lil one. I won't allow anybody near her unless its' my rents and siblings. That's all. All you got to do is be the best dad you can be to your daughter *if you have a girl*, love her in many ways, support her and actually be a dad to her. I dont wanna say this..but..don't be a wanker like my ex.


Justin - January 23

me and my girlfriend have a daughter, she is 14 and im 15 our baby is a month old. Just hope for a healthy baby and the right one will choose you! dont worry bout those sorts of things and everything will turn out ok!


soon 2 be dad - January 24

thanks every one i just hope they come out good children no matter what they are. and by the way im not a wanker:)


Channy - January 24

haha i know. i'm just kidding. but i'm glad you're with her and supporting her through-out her pregnancy. Good job! =)


to soon to be dad - January 24

The thing that comes to my mind when raising a little girl has come from my own experience... I never met my real dad and my step dad was very abusive so you can imagine the issues I have with men. In my opinion the most important thing for you to do is always let your daughter know how important to you she is. Especially as she gets to those teenage years. Do everything in your power to make sure she knows that she is special to you and you love her more than any man ever will. If you dont I can tell you first hand that she will find it elsewhere. I remember all i wanted was 1 man to love me unconditionally and unfortunately I still havent found that yet and I am 26 years old, I am okay with it now but I have made alot of mistakes along the way.... You may not always understand the girly things she goes through but let her know that no matter what you are there for her, unconditionally..... Its true that it isnt always the way you raise kids but that is a start. Let her know shes special to you always....



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