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Sara - December 11

Hey I'm sara..and im 18 yrs. old. I recently had s_x one day after my period, then again 5 days after my period. It was protected s_x and he also pulled out. I have now had a headache for a week and I have been getting pains in down under my bellybutton, also a week after s_x I started to bleed. It looked like old period blood and lasted only for a day. Please someone help me, I dont want to have a baby but I want to know the truth, so if you know please answer.Thank you so much-Sara


alix - December 12

well Sara i suggest you go and see your Doc. in 18 and now 26 weeks pregnant. it can happen. your doc will do a test and you will know for certain. its no good worrying (easy said than done i know) i did my first test and it was neg. then a week later it was pos. please use protection tho Sara there are so many STD's going around protect yourself with comdoms and go and see your doctor good luck!! xx


Grandpa Viv - December 12

S_x in the week after your period ends is in your fertile window. If you were fooling around with penetration before or after the condom, there would be some chance of pregnancy. Pink and brown spotting a week later would be implantation, headache, pains under belly b___ton could be early signs. Others are among fatigue, emotional, upset gut, more peeing, smell and taste and appet_te changes, lotion discharge etc. Buy a twin pack hpt and take one the first morning pee Dec 17 and again Dec 24 if needed. Good luck!


Sara - December 12

yes i Understand, but I used a condom AND he didn't penetrate inside of me...**sighs** Im just stressed.


Grandpa Viv - December 12

Sara, I don't hear you picking up on any of the other early signs. Nor have you said you are late for a period - sounds like you are now about cycle day 22, which is when early signs might first begin to show. Maybe something else is going on here. Wait and see if you get a normal period, then wait another week and take a test if you are still worried.


julie(17) - December 14

hi sara, if you had protected s_x after yr period and he did not c_m inside of you i would guess that yr ok (in other words..not pregnant), mayb go to yr doctor about the headaches and sore tum..(not sure bout the late bleeding though?) possibilty a cold coming on.Dont panic, youll be OK.


Rachel - January 18

well im kinda in the same predc_ment your in accept i think im pregnant but ill only be 2 weeks pregnant thursday but the past time me and my boyfriend have had s_x ive bleed but not a period blood so is that a sigh of pregnancy?



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