Children That Want Babies

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KM - March 11

I can't even begin to explain how much I am bothered with these girls in their early teens who actually plan a pregnancy. I am not trying to be rude with this post, but I feel very passionately about this issue.I really would love to slap some sense into them, send them to baby boot camp or something :p lol The life that they desire so much as not as easy as it looks to watch someone else do it. It looks fun and cute, but it's not. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my son, and I love being a mother, but I would have waited if I could have.It is a lot more responsiblity and work than it seems, and you will only know this when you are actually living the life. When I was pregnant, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't think it would be this hard.My baby's dad is still around, I have help from him, and It is still the hardest (yet most rewarding) thing I have ever done.I also would just like to mention, that about 80% of the fathers DON'T stick around. Rarely will you fall in love with someone at 16 for the rest of your life these days. not saying there aren't exceptions, but please be realistic here. And don't think I am just some old prude coming on here to put teens down, because I am not, I too am one of you, the difference is my pregnancy was unplanned. I bet you 1000 dollars that if you talk to any of the mothers at the youth/parent daycare I attend, they will tell you that having a planned baby as a teen is not a good idea, and you will ALWAYS in every circ_mstance wish you would have waited. What is the rush? seriously,that part of your life is supposed to come later, enjoy your teens. Have fun, have friends! When you have a baby (unless you dump the responsibility on someone else) the most fun you will have is walking the baby through the park.You will lose all of your friends. I was popular in school, I had tons of friends, I partied all the time. Now I have two friends who I se eon a regular basis, the rest are merely acquaintances. They will most likely stop coming around while you are pregnant, because they can't be bothered to sit home sober with you. The dad also, he will be out partying and having fun while you are sitting home. You won't have a moment for yourself, when baby naps, you will be either making bottles, doing laundry, or catching a nap. and when baby is awake you cant just lay them down and do whatever, they need to be talked to,read to, sang to, played with all the me, getting a shower before midnight is a luxury,being able to get out of your pajamas full of baby spit up before noon, that happens rarely.Not to mention PPD, the weight you gain(that you dont have the time to work off) and the stretch marks after your baby, you will have pretty low self esteem. you will feel isolated and different from your peers. it is NOT fun going to school with a bulging belly, hearing everyone who walks by you whisper and point. you can shrug it off maybe the first ten times, but then it starts to get to you.Also. GOOD LUCK trying to finish school and make a career with a baby. not as easy as it sounds. Statistics are, most teen mothers WONT finish highschool. Child care is not cheap.speaking of not cheap, I wish I could give a sample budget of what I pay out, just on my son in a month.Yes, I have the money to afford it and am financially stable, but it doesn't leave much money to buy things for myself or go out. not that I can go out anyway. my friends are all out partying and I am sitting at home changing dirty diapers.All of this, I speak from experience. Why does it have to be NOW? I guarantee if you think hard about it there is most likely some underlying reason why you need a baby. Maybe you are craving love? Please talk to someone professional about these motherly urges before doing something irrational. Wait until you are older, that way you can give yourself and your baby the best life possible, without having to struggle to complete every goal you have for yourself


jay - March 12

KM, I am 16 and 2 months pregnant and I could not agree more with you. You are nothing but right. Im so scared right now and to make it worse I go to an Iner City school where a lot of teens plan pregnacys..its so sad. Now that I'm in the situation I see how hard it is and how much harder it will get...


blondie - March 12

KM, you could not be more right! I do not have a baby yet, I am nearly 25 and my partner and I are just starting to plan. I always wanted a baby but I am not so selfish that I'd have planned it while I was still a child myself. By child, I mean in my teens or younger. Don't get me wrong, accidents happen, that is a different matter but planning it is just stupid beyond all comprehension. Someone should open a Baby Boot Camp as you suggested, I for one would love to see the results! xxxx good luck with your son honey and to Jay, I am sure you will be okay but it will not be easy. I wish you and your baby all the best. xxx


KM - March 12

I just think a lot of these girls don't like it when someone tells them like it is. They just think they are so right... ( lol I too thought i knew everything at 16) They think you are just preaching to them for nothing, they don't understand that you have their best interest in mind. Thanks Blondie :) Don't worry jay you will be able to get through it and manage.It really does have it's good moments that make it all worth it at the end of the day.I do love being a mother, but it has drastically changed my life, more so than I had expected when I was pregnant. my best advise is take advantage of whatever support you have around you.


Ella - March 12

I hear you!!! Good post. Unfortunately Its hard to get young girls to listen to you BEFORE they conceive. I just hope there are at least a few that will read your post and listen.


emma - March 15



to km - March 15

get a life keep it short


KM - March 16

"to KM" Don't waste your time reading it if it bothers you so much.Just because I took 5 mins to write a paragraph does not mean I don't have a life, dumba__s.



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