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Corrine321 - August 29

Well i had my daughter June 15th and i had my period July 24th (first day) and well it never came. My boyfriend and i had s_x ONE time unprotected and that was like 2 days after my period. and he never came in me or anything. then everyother time he used a condoma nd it never broke or anything.. I definittaly dont feel pregnnat. I have no signs. Im not sick, i dont have to pee alll the time! so is this normal for just having a baby? because i really need to know. Im stressing very badly. and i just wanna know if this happened to anyone else and if its normal.. so please answer.. thanks lots


Emma2 - August 29

Corrine, it is normal to have irregular cycles after a baby. You still need to test though.


Corrine321 - August 29

Thanks Emma, im worried.. have u ever heard of missing a period after having a baby?


princessnyprnc1 - August 30

I had my daughter in March of 2003 and my periods didn't regulate untill probably January or so of 2004 so it can take a while. If you are worried I would test but its probably nothing. I am due for my son in 16 days...hopefully my period wont be so messed up after he arrives!


krista-lee - September 2

hey COrrine, i had my daughter on the 8th and never had a period at all untill i started my birth control pills. i read its totally normal to have periods on and off for a few months so i dont think its anything to worry about.


Brittany - September 2

Hey I posted a few times on your piczo. I had my daughter on June 17th, a few days after you had Brookelynn. I am in the same boat as you. I've been having s_x since two weeks after I had my daughter and once without a condom but he didn't c_m in me. I haven't had a period, not even spotting or anything and like you, I dont feel pregnant or anything. It's normal to not have a period for awhile after pregnancy so I'm just going off of that. I've been crampy tho since having my daughter, I dunno whats wrong. After I had my son, I had a period 8 weeks later. So we'll see what happens. I don't think you should worry, just continue using condoms, thats what I'm gonna do. Good luck!!



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