Hormonal Moment

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amanda17 - October 4

So um. I just wanted to let you all know that if it wasn't for all the regulars on this site, and people who have given me advice and everything... Well, I probably wouldn't be where I am today and I probably would have freaked out once Ellie was born... You've all supported me and helped me out whenever I needed it. You're wonderful people and I just want to thank everyone. *happy tears* :')


Teddyfinch - October 4

i know what you mean mama. there are times when i have no one to talk to here and i come here and there's always someone to help you feel better. <3!!


AddysMummy - October 5

We love you and you are awesome!


amanda17 - October 5

Aw :)


V9653 - October 5

I second those opinions. You guys really make my day sometimes. I feel like sometmes you are surrounded by nothing but people who want to be negative, bring you down, whine, complain, etc. Then that brings you down and makes you lose hope. I come on here and hear you guys or talk to you guys and it just is what it is. You guys understand, a lot of times feel the same way, and also can legitimately say-yeah things don't always go our way, but we make our happiness-and you're always willing to spread the love around. And directly to you Amanda-You are a beautiful person, and if I'm one of the regulars that you mentioned, then it really makes me happy to know that I have been able to make some positive contribution. God now I'm sooo sappy-I blame Teddy-she did it from her "positive tests" post!!!


amanda17 - October 5

Of course you're one of the regulars I mentioned! It's freaky how much we have in common haha.


Teddyfinch - October 5

lol sorry newbaby! ((hugs))


newbaby2009 - October 5



Teddyfinch - October 6

oh my mistake lol. i've got pregnant brain =P i meant to say that to V9653.


angelmonkey - October 6

teddy dont you just hate pregnancy brain! ugh i hate it! i was at asda the other night as my b___bs have got so big i was buying one of there jordon (katie price) bras and went i went to pay for it the women asked if i wasnted cash back, i said no please, then realised what i said so trued to correct myself by saying no yes thankyou! them women just laughed and was like so is that a yes or a no lol it was quite embarresing


durante baby - October 6

Amanda..I couldnt agree with you more! thats why i have continued on herer for so many years. I think that people on here know me better then my husband somtimes because i can always be honest and open on here. if dh and i dont agree on somthing i come on here and everyone understands. If i am unsure about how to handle somthing with my kids i prefer to come to you guys apose to other parents i know in person< because on here i dont feel like i am being judged and if i do then it isnt as big of a deal as if someone looks down on me that I know personally> i have told you before I consider one of my best friends someone I met on here. her #year old is 14days younger then my 3 year old and our 13months olds are only 3 days apart. we talked to each other throught out our labor. we talk almost everyday and even have a family vacation planned in december together. Somtimes i feel like with all i went through as a teenager with taking care of my niece and with the drama with my mom> and then becomming a mother myself. i couldnt have done it without the support of everyone on here> :::::::::::HUGS TO ALL OF YOU::::::::



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