How Do I Tell My Boyfriend That I Might Be Pregnant

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Annalissa - December 20

I am 18. i meet my boyfriend on a date web site. An the first time we meet we had s_x more then one time that day.I feel so stupied for doing it. i should of not sleep with the first guy that i meet when i moved out here. NOw we have been together only a week and a half. we dont see each other much cause i work all the time. plas he is really busy. but we talk on the phone all the time. i am scard to tell him cause he all ready has a baby on the way by his ex. plus he has not told any one about me. i have all the sings of being pregnant. i just dont want to take the test. What should i do.


katelyn - December 20

annalissa, i think that you just tell him flat out. i know that this will be really hard on both of you but i sure you can make it through. if he dosen't get it the first time you tell him keep telling him over again. untill he hears it.


Grandpa Viv - December 20

You need to test anyway. I hate to see young women deluding themselves into thinking they are not pregnant simply by not taking the test. A week after your missed normal period is a good time. If you are pregnant you need to tell the boyfriend as he should share the expense whichever way you decide to go. These Internet dating scenes are super scary, especially from an STD viewpoint.


Katie - December 20

Are you sure your having signs? the most pregnant you could be is a week and a half.


Annalissa - December 22

Thank you katelyn.... it's not as easy as it sounds on telling him lat out. do to the fact the he already has a baby on the way by another girl. when i find out if i am that is when i will tell him. feel freee to write back an even ask me questions.


Annalissa - December 22

Thank you grandpa viv, for taking the time out of your day on reading about me. i know i have to take the test but i am just scard. i all ready think i am pregnant do to the fact that i am a week late on my period. an if i am pregnant i am keeping the baby. He was the first and the last guy that i meet on the dating web site. thank you feel free and ask any more question you may have....


Annalissa - December 22

i am sure that i am having sings. some girls get signs really early. so i may be one of those girls.


Annalissa - December 23

Last night i told my boyfriend about me. he got really scard. he was keep on asking me what i wanted to do. an i did not know. but i would keep the baby. Last night i cryed and cryed cause i was so scard. i did not want to tell him on the phone but i did. Last night we really got to know each other. we talked about what we want out of life. an about are past. which was really hard for me cause grown up was hard. i did not have my parents around like i wanted to. i grow up around drugs. my boyfriend had a much better life then i did. i even asked him if he still wanted to be with me cause of my life growing up. He said yes. that he likes me for me and not the life i had. he like the fact that i got up one day and moved out of my grandpartens house an came out to Va. He like the fact that i am trying to better for my life. an he wants to be part of it. We even talked about both of us next year flying out to Cal. So he can meet all my familey and friends back home.


Grandpa Viv - December 23

Annalissa, you have already confronted one of your big scares, telling the boyfriend, and it seems to be working out better than you imagined. You are lucky to have found a man who is willing and able to talk. Early signs often start a week after conception, before you miss a period. If you still have the signs a week after your next period is due (must be soon!) please confront the other scare and take a test.


Annalissa - December 23

THANK YOU GRANDPA VIV...i was not the one who start to tell my boyfriend about me. My cousin stated to talk about it to him an i tryed to have her stop an she did not. she told him that i was lieing abou the whole thing. he told her that we did not have s_x cause he did not know that i told her. so they both got mad at me, he told me to go to the doc. and take a test an i say no. i dont want to. so when i talk to him to night i am just going to tell him that i start to spot which i did today/ but still have not got my period. i am very lucky to have him. i can talk to him about any thing. last night when we talked to talk for hours. about are childhood and when we were teenagers and what we want out of life. i need to take the test. cause i am late alredy. thanks for taking the time out and writeing me.


Annalissa - January 2



... - January 2

what part of va?


Annalissa - January 3

i live in Newport News



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