How Is It Possible

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Nick - August 21

my gf has told me shes pregnant but i always put a condom on and checked it afterwards and it never seemed anything was wrong with them. She swears she hasnt cheated on me, but what other explanation can there be? I have put my p__s near her without a condom on and once put it in without one about 4 months ago because she wanted to know what it felt like but only like for a couple of seconds and I didnt c_m. What does anyone think??


Nick - August 21

and whys it changing to 'look'? Thats a stupid word.


- August 21

the chances are high that she can get pregnant with a condom,good luck


sam - August 21

there is a chance do don't always have to have penetration to get her pregnant and you don't even have to c_m in her, pre c_m can get her pregnant to it has small amounts of sperm


sam - August 21

if you have more questions let me know


pam - August 21

have you 2 been going out long enough you can trust her?


Stupid Filter - August 22

The new word filter changes the work c-u-m to 'look'. If you ask me, if we're old enough to discuss s_x and pregnancy, we can use whatever language we want. Just my two cents...


anon - August 22

it seems that you have taken reasonable caution to prevent pregnancy. if she continues with the pregnancy, the only real way of knowing if the baby is yours is to have a paternity test done.


Shannon - August 22

I have a condom baby. And there's something called pre-ejaculation, it DOES carry sperm. Good luck.


Nick - August 22

Thanks everyone. We have been together a year and have always had a good relationship. I cant really believe she would cheat on me but this all just seems so impossible its hard to know what to think. I suppose I might ask for a paternity test, but i just dont want to upset her i mean if shes definitely telling the truth then that will make her feel awful :-S


Casey - August 22

whore c_m b___h


- August 23



Grow up - August 23

stop testing words out on other peoples posts!


Yeah no kidding! - August 23

I agree with "Grow up" you guys really should not be seeing if your favorite cuss words will appear on here or not. This is not the place for it. If you want to be childish and cuss your heads off instead of giving helpful advice, or asking questions that relate to the topic you are in, then I suggest you leave. This is not the place for it! They really should have people sign up just to respond/reply to a thread, & to start their own threads. But that is just my opinion.



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