I Am 10 Years Old

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desperate for help - August 3

Please someone help me . I am 10 yrs old will be 11 in October and I think i am pregnant. I am so scared I have'nt told my parents yet if they find out they will probably kick my ass.. I dont know what to do .. Ps .my boyfriend is 12 yrs old and he is not happy about it.


amy - August 3

lol yeah okay


Alena - August 3

10? I'm sorry but you're not pregnant lmao have you even had a period yet? I don't think so.


know ur facts - August 3

you can get pregnant even if you havent had your first period yet.look it up, its true sweety


sharon - August 3

first thing you need to do is tell ur sister auntie mummy.get a preg test & find out if you are.I didn't even know what s_x was at your age!!


yeah but... - August 3

yaeh, the egg comes before the period, that;s true, but if she isn't having a period now, or ever, there is still a chance that she isn't. Have u had your periods??


wow... - August 3

boys that young usually just shoot blanks-but it is possible I guess.....


** - August 3

This is crazy...do you kids have nothing better to do with your time. get a life, this is not funny at all.


desperate for help - August 3

i am not joking i am pregnant ..cant tell my mother I have no brother or sister i dont know what to do..I got my periods 2 months ago.


Kayse - August 3

at ten you arent even ovulating yet....


lee - August 3

her u go sweety try this site u might get some nicer answers and responses http://www.teenwire.com/


duh.......... - August 3

At ten you can ovulate!!! Wow, honey go to the site posted above and get some REAL help. Look in the phone book for a Planned Parenthood and and go there. You will have to tell your parents b/c you need to be seen on a regular basis for your health. It will be rough for a while, but you'll get through it-good luck to you....


Yes!! - August 4

Yes you can get pregnant at 10. A friend of mine got pregnant at 9 years old. She had a stillborn baby. D.F.H go see a doctor and tell your parents. Pregnancy can be dangerous for someone your age. Tell someone and stop having s_x.


Kaidee - August 6

First of all why are you s_xually active at the age of 10? Obviously your parents dont dont watch you very well. If you got your period just 2 months ago that means youve only had maybe 2 to 3 periods so far and its scientifcally proven that you dont start dropping your eggs ontill at least your 12th period. That means at least a year of having your period. You arent pregnant honey. But i would suggest that you stop having s_x because at 10 years old your body isnt physically ready yet.


heather - August 6

i am sorry that you are having to go through the stress that you might be pregnant. but no one can help you understand until you find out if you are or not. please go get a test and find out.


s - August 6

I am a 35 year old woman and grew up in upper cla__s Christian family. I got my first period when I was 9 years old. I was s_xually active at an early age, not 10, but quite early. Please don't be judgemental to this child and I do mean child. You really should be doing something else with your time. Even though you probably feel you are mature enough to be s_xually active at this time in your life you clearly weren't careful enough to use protection. You should have been asking questions about birth control. That being said I understand that these things happen and the best thing to do is tell an older adult that you trust (hopefully your parents) about your situation. Whatever you decide you will need their support. God bless.


It happens - August 6

I was about 5 yrs old when I learned about "s_x" Another little boy was playing a game, and would only let me play if I "did it" with him. Of course not the real act was done, but naked grinding. All I really wanted to be when I grew up was to be a stripper or a prost_tude. It's funny because up to the age of 9 I thought I was pregnant. When I touched my stomach I could feel a heartbeat (Now that Im older I know it was my own duh) But nevertheless it was a confusing time for me. My mother never taught me these things so I learned it from someone else. I just remember growing up so fast, got into p___n, made dozens of calls to those 011# adult lines, very expensive, but my mother NEVER suspected it was me, I was about 9! I ended up lossing my virginity at 13 and only been with two guys in my life before I met my Husband. I thank God I didn't turn out to be a s___t, I grew up not respecting myself but now I know what Im worth. The point being: Mother's need to talk to their kids about s_x before someone else pollutes their minds.



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