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Trinity - December 17

I'm 15 and I'm PG. But I'm scared because my parents are not into inter-racial dating and baby is half black. I know for a fact that I will not have an abortion but I also my parents willnever exceptmy child and the will kick me out of my house. So I need to know what should I do? If I keep my baby I lose my family but If I abort my child I don't tjink I could live wit myself plus B/F and his family want this baby. Help me Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzze


Josie - December 19

Hey.... Don't just get an abortion cause you might lose your family.I don't know how important family is to you, but if they can't see past the fact that the baby is half black..then that's on them.If you have support from your b/f's family maybe they can help you out through it all if your family decides not too.But if you don't really wanna get an abortion,don't....It's your baby and your decision. But if you wanna talk you can email me anytime...my email is [email protected] (I'm 17 and 3 months pregnant.....)


emily - December 19

hey, i agree with josie, im 17 and 3 months pregnant too. If your family isnt going to be there to support you, it is there lose. Alteast your bfs family will be there for you. Dont feel forced into having an abortion because remember that if you do have one, you have to live with that fact for the rest of your life... do what your heart tells you too. i dont know what my parents will say when i tell them, but honestly i dont care, if they dont accept it they dont accept it, atleast i'l still have my boyfriend and my baby - a family of my own... hopefully youd feel the same because it is all about you.. xo


Grandpa Viv - December 19

I think you have already made your decision. I have a bi-racial grandchild, and she is the best!


Annalissa - December 20

even though you are only 15 moved in with your boyfriend. and raise the baby together. it will be hard for the both of you. but if he really loves you it will work out. who cares what your mom and dad say it is your baby not theres. do what your heart is telling you what to do.



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