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Mya - May 24

well n e wayz i am 16 years old and a virgin. my boyfriend wants to start having s_x and so do i. I also really want to get pregant. Even though my moma will be p___sed I dont care. I also got this sister that is always telling the family how she is waiting for marriage to have s_x. So i know everyone will think i am a s___t. I dont care i want a baby.


telly - May 24

well i think you should go for it i did how old if ur bf is he stable enough to support you .you have to make sure you are claerly ready for this c ya xxx


Jessica - May 24

Hey mya, im really glad to hear that you are a virgin, you really dont see that to much know days, really think about it, if you really want a baby then do it its your body but when i was 16 i wanted a baby too, well my mom overheard and i had to watch my 3 month old baby causin for 2 weeks and believe me after that i didnt want to have a baby does your bf want a baby


Jen - May 24

Im 18 and I was the same way when I was 16! I broke down and lost my virginity with my first boyfriend and wanted to have a baby. I got pregnant right away and had a baby boy. My parents kicked me out and my boyfriend left me and here I was stuck with a baby!!! I didnt know what I was doing and had to drop out of high school. I moved into a homeless shelter and thought long and hard and decided to give my son up when he was 3 wks old. My parents finally let me move back in and I finished high school this year. If you want to have a baby I highly suggest thinking it through because it's hard work and the consequences aren't worth it. I wish I would have thought it through.


harmful - May 24

TO JEN... how can you give up your baby??? i am not hear to critiize but dam these girls thee days can jus go out and get pregnant ssaying they want a child but when it hapens they either abort it or give it up! how can you give it up??? that is something that no mater what i would never do.... i would not care if i wwas poor and only had enough money for my baby.. i would not want a part of me roming threw this world.... dam havng a baby is supose to be so precous and is semthing that EVERYONE is overlookng these days... how can you not want to watch your baby grow up from out of your of the wond to a toddler and on..... i just dont get it!!!!!!!!


Mia - May 24

I will have to agree with Jen its alotta hard work, but we can make up your mind for you....did you even discuss it with you bf? I dont think any man is ready unless they have a kid already or you know him well enough. Well all i have to ask you rilly is, are you sure you know your ready to be a mom? Being pregnant isnt easy, and when that baby finally does come he/she will need alotta care and attention, and there is the kicking and screaming getting into their toddler years. Meaning no sleep, you will probably just get an hour or two. And when it gets to hard you cant change your mind about it, you cant run to anyone. Do you even have a job to make that decision....? All I have to say is, think of your unborn kid, he/she does not need to deal with your mistake.....so ask yourself, Do i rilly know if i can handle it?


Audrey - May 25

Mya- You will probably regret having a child now, because you and your bf are still in school and have no means of supporting a baby. Educate yourself on the pros and cons of s_x and childbirth first. I strongly advise you to go on the pill and insist your bf use a condom. There's lots more to life than babies.


Kenzie - May 25

Jen i think what you did took alot of courage. It was a very smart decision though. Your child will grow up alot happier and healthier with parents that will be able to take care of him. I'm not saying you wouldn't have been a good mother, but you realized that it's best for your baby to be in a more stable environment. Don't let other people make you feel bad for your decision. I'm sure it was a very hard one to make, but was probably the best thing for both of you. Best of luck to you with everything you do!


Jen - May 25

Thank you kinzy. I know I did the right thing by putting my child up for adoption. He is so happy in all the pictures I get from the adoptive parents and it makes me feel good that I was able to help give a couple a child they always wanted. It wasn't like I said hey, I can't do this and I don't want my baby anymore. I love my son very very much and was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.


Darlene - May 26

This is great - you are finally ready to be a woman. I am so proud of you. You will be a wonderful mother. 16 is the best time to have a baby. Good bless and may you have many, many children.


To harmful - May 26

You cannot say that Jen made a bad decision. you are not in her shoes so quit trying to fit into them. I feel sorry for your children you are a selfish person who obviously only thinks about what you want in life instead of putting others needs before what you want. If you don't already have children thats a good thing because you need to get an education first.


Kristy - May 26

Go for it. Good Luck and enjoy being a mom



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