I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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Ditzy - December 17

Well I just moved out of my sisters house and back in with my dad this month. Last month (November) I wrote down on my sisters calendar the day I started my period, and also when I ended my period. I know I started it early last month. But my sister said she threw the calendar away so Im not sure what day I started my last period, she said the only date she seen was Nov,16 she doesnt know if that was when I started or ended. But im pretty sure it was when I ended my last period. Either way If it was when I started then I would be 3 days late, if that was when i got off my period last month then I would be 10 days late. Becuz I usually go about 28 days before my next period. So Im scared. Ever since I found myself eating more then I use to, felt that my br___ts are a lil tender and my nipples hurt, and noticed ive been feeling sick to the stomach often but no puking involved, i have been thinking about me being pregnant. So thats when I checked out my last period date and noticed either way I would now be anywhere from 3-10 days late. My b/f and I had s_x like ALOT in just last month, November. and around the time that I would have been ovulating or however u explain it, and able to concieve. Im going to wait a few more days to see if I get my period, and if not Im going to take a Home Pregnanct Test. If it comes out positive im going to be happy but still scared, if it comes out negative im going to wait two weeks and if I still dont start my period then Im really late, and i will take another one. Then I will talk to my dad if I still havnt started and the second one came out negative and have him take me to the docs..becuz 3 years ago my oldest sister thought she was pregnant and she took 8 home pregnanct tests and they all came out negative, and then she took a blood test and well now she has a three year old son, same thing with her 2 year old daughter..the HPT always came out negative, do u think that could happen to me too? What do u think about all this? Am I pregnant? What should I do? Im scared and just worried..


Grandpa Viv - December 17

It sounds like a good plan. You have it all figured out. Good luck!



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