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*O*E* - April 14

Hi, everybody.... I dont know if you remeber me I was here in the month of December.... You guys gave me lottz of help and great advice that helped me during my time of need... Well me and my girlfriend are not doing to good... We have fell in another hole! I dunno how this happened because ever since our last hurdle that we had in December we had been s_x free.... but at the end of march we were together at my house hanging out and my parents left to go shopping in the city which is 50 miuntes to and hour away.... Well we were wathcing a movie and things just got crazy and ended up doing it even though we were trying to wait untill we got older....Well during intercourse we were both making a hudge mistake again... So we stopped... I thought everything was alrite untill she told me she was 41 days late... I was kinda of upset she did not tell me early so we could start thinking about the sitution and mostly because she ushually has her monthly period every 20 days.... and it was way past due... But I changed that quickly when I asked why she did'nt tell me.... She said she did'nt want to ruin my wonderful future....I have real good grades and have a great chance of playing football for College.....( I could not beleive when she said that I felt like the luckiest guy in the world) The thing is that we both have Terrific grades and always try to do the best we can in everything we do..... She want's to have an abortion so it wont ruin my life.... I told her that we made this mistake in the spur of the moment and I will stand by her side every step of the way.... I'm trying to look for a job again because I had to take an leave of absence due to spring football.... I went back to the Job and even though they said I was a wonderful worker and team player, they had filled the postion already..They said they would give recommendations to other employee searchers to dee if they are in need of a hard worker..... The bad thing is we live in a small town and there is not many jobs to work at... and Gas is expensive to work in the city..... I dunno know what to do... and my girlfriends parents wont let her work... They are very nice people... I love them alott because they treat me like a son..... I dont know how were going to tell them... I don't want to have and abortion... but if that's what my girlfriend wants what do we do? Were a team and we have to make the best choices for us TOGETHER... SO I DUNNO I NEED LOTTZ OF HELP THOUGH! PLEASE... WE NEED YOUR WONDERFUL HELP AGAIN! Thanks for everything guys! I did'nt put my name like last time because I dont want anybody to know whats going on right now untill we figure out what were going to do...


*O*E* - April 14



Amber - April 14

well has ya girlfriend had a pregnacy test yet? Yall must still be in high school how old r u and ya girlfriend? Do u want a baby?


Kristin - April 14

Ok, well first thing is first. You guys should have been more responsible. But another thing you have to remember, its not that unborn childs fault that they were brought into this world without planning, why should it be punished for a mistake that you guys made. How old are you guys, 17? Another thing is, their are plenty of other options, she could go on to have the baby and put it up for adoption, but i dont think or believe for that matter that abortion is the answer. You have to live with the consequences. Who knows you guys may fall in love with the child and raisse it together, which is what i hope you do. I am 19, will be 20 in August and my baby is due September 10, I have ben married for 8 months. I could not iagine having an abortion even though i am young, but i am prepared for this responsibility. And chances are she is probably far enough elong that the fetus already has a heartbeat. Please think of all your options first. Good Luck!


Audrey - April 14

O.E.- Sorry to hear of your predicament. If your gf is pregnant then you'll have to make some tough decisions. Sit down with your gf and go over all your options. Given the fact that you both have good grades and plan to have a future, how is that going to change if a child enters the picture? Will you be able to have a baby and still move forward with your lives? Many people do but it's hard. I with you both best of luck.


katie - April 14

okies u hav some tough decisions ahead of u....and im sure u no tht...but wat do u think u wanna do cause no one on this site can tell u wat to do.we can only give advice but before u do anything i think u sud get ur gf to the doctors and make sure everything is ok wit the baby if u decide u want to keep it and it will b totally confidential...oh yea how old r ya's?? and tell me wat aort of advice u need and then i mite b able to help more but gd luck and best wishes xxx katie


**** - April 14

Well me and my gf are 17.... I know were both young! and we should be more responsible...:( but I dunno we just acted without thinking! Well I just need some adivce on how to tell her parents and my parents too... I Know there is no easy way of telling them..... but we have to! Rite? Well thanks for the input guys!


katie - April 14

i c....well tellin ur parents aint the easyest thing to do in the world and i no (im only 14 and 31wks)but u hav to tell them and sooner rather than later and im not just sayin this but parents always blame it on the guy at first but if u stand by her they will come to terms with things and respect u for it...i think u sud just tell them straight its the best way...get them wen ur family and hers r all together and just say it and they will act angry and dissappinted but they will come round =) gd luck and if u need to talk email me at [email protected] xxx katie



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