Mommies Due In Early August

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Evonna - April 29

Well i am 19 years old and 26 weeks pregnant and is due August 6th. I am having a baby girl. I cannot wait until she is born. Do you know what you are having? What day are you due? What are you having? Was this pregnancy an accident or planned? = ]


Evonna - April 29

Sorry for typing what are you having twice, i meant to say 'Are you having your baby natural or with epidural?'


Ca__sie06 - April 30

hi! I am 19 and 26 weeks pregnant also!! Due on August 8th with an active little boy. His name is going to be Connor Ethan. I am planning to try to have him natural, but will watch the video ahead of time on the epidural just in case I change my mind!! This pregnancy wasnt exactly planned, my husband and I tried for a few months, and then decided the timing just wasnt right so we would just wait, and the month after we quit trying we got pregnant!! :)


little_snowball - May 3

i am 17 and 24 weeks pregnant. before i went to the doctor (i waited forever to tell my mom) i thought i was only 14 weeks. but after some poking, feeling and measuring...suprise!! i am already six months along. this was not planned, it was cause of being careless. but what happened happened, no use in fretting now. i will have my sonogram on monday and that will give us a better due date and the gender. i am hoping for a girl, but either is good for me. since we don't know for sure, it is estimated that i will have the baby in the beginning of august. i want to have a natural birth, but something tells me i will freak out like i am being axe murdered and demand the epidural.


EricaG - May 3

I, also, am 19 years old and about 26 weeks pregnant. I have two estimated due dates. August 1st (ultrasound) and August 9th (LMP). I am having a little girl whom we plan on naming Abby Arlene. My pregnancy was planned. My husband and I got married last July and we started trying for a baby in November. Obviously we got pregnant the first time,lol. I plan on having the baby naturally. The birth cla__ses that I am doing is the Hypnobabies home study course. I'm getting so excited as I'm nearing the end of the pregnancy. I just can't wait to see my little girl's face and to hold her in my arms.


kenodra - May 4

i am 17 years old and 23 weeks pregnant almost. saturday i will be 23 weeks. im having a girl too. im very excited.. i want the baby to be here maybe i wont be as stressed out about everything,. who knows tho. im due sept. 2nd. im excited to death. my was not planned im young and i feel i wont be that great of a mom but i have tons of support, so i dont think it will be that bad.


Evonna - May 7

I enjoyed reading everyone's post and would like to say that i hope everything goes as planned with your unborn bundle of joy's! = ]


Big mumma - May 8

Hi, I am 19 and am 27 weeks pregnant on Thursday so due on August 10th :) My partner and I are soooo excited about welcoming our little bundle of joy into the world and wish you all the best with your babies. We had an untrasound at 20 weeks and decided that we would wait until birth to find out the s_x, if it is a boy his name will be Jack and if its a girl Bailey. Our pregnancy was not planned and my parents wernt exactally impressed either, my mum tried to push me towards abortion but I wouldnt have one, I told her that she can be happy for us or have noting to do with it, she has now come around and is looking fwd to being a grandma. Good luck to all of you and congratulations!!!!



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