My Baby Girl Is Ill And Im Really Worried

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becca - April 10

hiya well my baby girl is one month today and i have the flu and she has a really nasty couch puffy eyes always sneezin breathhin heavaly wheezy and you can her all the gunk im so scared i just keep thinkin if i shut my eyes she will you no i dont want to leave her for one second please help im sooo scared i dont want her to be ill


maya - April 10

maybe its alligies or a cold. if its a cold then put her in a steamy bathroom for like a hour. if that don't work call ur doc. hope yall get better


katie - April 10

awww pet...its proberley just the flu or cold but for babies its more seroius i wud take her to the doctor asap to get her cheaked out then u can take care of her and it can put ur mind more at ease and i no how u feel although i havent had my baby yet cause i nearly lost her but anyways keep safe and hope ya all get better soon xxx katie


Ariana - April 10

Same thing happend with me, i just didnt know what to do to help her. Just everytime u pick her up or touch her wash ur hands okay, so u wont pa__s much germs to her, also take her to the doctor 2 c what he says u know, and meanwhile use a humidifier or a vaporizor (water), the doc also told me to put something under the matress of the crib on one side so that shes more elevated when she is sleeping, and if she has boogies use syringe and saline drops. There is really not much u can do cuz they dont reccomend u using medacine for a baby under 6 mo. Also what maya said is good too. Also u try to get some rest also, drink lots of fluids so u will get better. Girl everything will b okay, my daughter had the exact same thing, she was wheezing and i was just sooo scared to leave her a second alone cuz i thought she would stop breathing or get worse (G-d forbid), GOOD LUCK TO U OKAY!!


Mommy2Kylie - April 10

She's only a month old, so whatever it is, it doesn't sound good. Puffy eyes, and gunk in them? I think you should have her checked out by your doctor hun. I really hope everythings okay!



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