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babi_gurl_1234 - September 27

my b/f and i want to have a baby, but im only 15 and he is 14. i want one but i dont kno if i can handle the responsibilities of taking care of it. plus, i have NO clue how to tell mine and his parents. someone PLEASE HELP! ! ! !


kay101 - September 27

I would highly advise against this. If you want a baby, I a__sume YOU want you and your boyfriend to be the parents, not your own parents. Your parents would either end up supporting you and the child financially, OR taking care of the baby constantly because you are working and in school. At 15, you are not able to work full time and are only able to work a few hours at a time, even with a work permit. If you worked and went to school, the little time you were at home would be spent doing homework. You would virtually spend no time with the baby at all. If you don't work, as I said, you parents would be paying for you and your baby, when that is not their responsibility. I suggest at least waiting until you finish school and can support yourself financially. If you still want a baby, try buying a puppy and see how well you do waking up in the morning for school after it's kept you up crying all night. You have no clue how to tell your parents because it's not something you SHOULD be telling your parents. I would suggest talking with them about how you are feeling, rather than telling them you and your boyfriend want and are going to have a baby, so they can help you. If you don't want to talk to them, talk to your school guidence counselor. Purposely having a baby so young is a bad choice.


GimmeaBub - September 28

Kay101 was 100% right about everything, also make sure that you know you wont be able to go out partying, clubbing to pubs, proms, travel with your bf, buy a home, get your drivers licence go on shopping sprees with your girlfriends, asl long as your ok with putting all thoes things on hold it's your choice. But Kay101 made an excellent point, get a puppy, my partner and i got a puppy when we bought a house and she has kept me so busy, constaly giving her attention, feeding her costs me money, getting all vaccinations, it's like having a baby, and i am 21 nearly 22, and i found t a bit of hard work. Goodluck


sarah21 - September 28

I understand totally how you feel wanting a baby. Maybe you should try volunteering at a daycare or a church nursery. It is a great way to get experience, helps to ease the baby itch, and also reminds you of all the reasons it's a great idea to wait a bit longer.


BouncingBabyBoy - September 28

I didn't get to go to my Senior prom because I had a newborn. I am was really upset because I couldn't afford to go. You have so much to look forward to in high school, don't ruin it by having a baby. Have fun expericencing High school..When you are finished with high school and maybe get a few years of college under your belt, then have a baby.


ChattyKathy - September 28

My advice? change your mind. If telling your parents is your biggest worry at the moment, shouldn't that be a clue that perhaps its not a good idea? What about getting a job? Your bf wont be able to support the baby for TWO more years. You wont be able to support it until a few months after its born since in most states you cant work until you are sixteen. How are you going to balance a job, school, and still being able to spend time with your child? What if you two separate? He wont have to pay child support until he turns 18. Four more years. Its natural to want one. You are a maturing young woman, but you are still a teenager. Experience all that teenage-hood has to offer before you limit yourself. You grow a lot as a person once you's experienced high school and continue your life. Give yourself that chance.


MaybeATeenMommy - September 30

Do not do it! Wait! I am 16 and i just started having s_x, alot of emotions come with s_x and idk how my emtions will be if i am prego. Id wait.



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