Something For The Pro Deathers

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jade - April 15

will you all pro-deathers get the #@%*%! of this site. All you are, are muders so why don't you go back to bed with all your "jocks" Eleloshion is not real abortion herts the baby so go away for EVERY!!


Wow - April 15

You really are a moron! What a load of foolish, nonsensical jabbering.


to jade - April 15

yeah....don't give a d__n to post such stupid mesage


Jana - April 15

Eleloshion ?!!! what a dork


!!! - April 15



>>>>>>> - April 15

"Wrong Grammared" Good one Kathi... You have a lot of room to talk... LOL...


anon - April 15

its painfully obviously that you are an illiterate, uneducated halfwit!!! how many drugs did you take before you wrote this c___p?? you should be a LOT more concerned with your inability to use grammar and construct a sentence that makes any sense at all. silly little girl


crystal - April 15

what? i'm confused was that english?


Jen - April 15

Grammer does not make you a good person, at least that can be changed. Is grammer everything, can be very smart and have bad grammer and you can be very dumb and have good grammer. Why are pro-lifers so mean. It really makes me ashamed. I would never have an abortion but I also would never treat confused teens the way you are. Do you really thing you are changing minds? This is not the way to make change, calling people murderers...they are not. Everyone is diff and has gone through diff things, you have not walked in the shoes of one of these girls and pro-lifers go about doing things wrong.


Laughs In Your Face. - April 16

First of all, I have never met anyone who was 'pro-death' but okay, if it makes you feel more 'right' to use those terms then you go right ahead. Second of all, I'm Pro-*CHOICE* meaning, I support a womans CHOICE in what she decides to do with her unplanned pregnancy. It doesn't mean I go out on the streets and tell every pregnant woman to get an abortion. You're a d__n fool. You don't know what murder is, and you obviously know nothing about abortion. Go spew your garbage elsewhere. This is a SUPPORT forum.



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