To Maddie

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b - January 15

hi this is becca i was just wonderin y u r so determined to make teen mums feel so bad about being one i dont no if u have read all my replys to what u have sed but please to i reli dont no y ur on this site if ur not a teen mum ur self n dnt agree with if dnt read what people have 2 say then


becca - January 15

i havent red all u have rote yet but im in a serious relationship have been 4 over 2 years my mum is noes him very well n i lost my virginity 2 him


me - January 15

ok becca, i will now leave you in peace to wollow in your sorrows...


becca - January 15

im happy thanx y do u think that being pregnant would make me un-happy feeling the baby move is the best feelin in the world no that i am capable of making a human being some people rnt blessed with that n i really feel for them so no i wont wollow in my sorrows i wil hold my hed up high


becca - January 15

yea i no i will have one but plese remeba that we rnt all sterio typical okay there are sum arse holes out there i no but becareful how u word things


Joanne - January 15

Maddie, I think you have a serious mental and att_tude problem, why are you so proud of yourself? Okay you're getting an education, but you come across as a truly horrible person with the comments you make and your stinking att_tude. There really is no need for it. Everyones different and we all lead different lives. Just because girls on here are living a different life from yours and what you prefer it doesn't give you the right to constantly be on their back. By going on 'statistics' you are implying that you don't have a clue about the real situation and how teen mothers do as INDIVIDUALS. Because everyone is individual, there is no need to attack in general. I was a teen mother, I had the support of my family and my daughters father. We had no government a__sistance, we worked for every penny we had. We brought our daughter up to be a respectful and smart person. Today I am a nurse and she is a wonderful young woman, a__sisting in paediatric surgery. If I had to go back, I wouldn't change a d__n thing. We don't see ourselves as part of the 'lucky ones', we are just a normal family, and many teen parents will be the same.


Somerville - January 15

yes but even though your brother is going to jail, it more more common in the teenage mother area. And even though your mom wasnt a teen mom, it is much much more likely in the teen mom area. You cant compare these statistics of your lives to t.v shows. These statistics came from government research on our countries people, and you need to understand that. These are facts, and thats all there is to it.



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