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??CoNfUsEd?? - August 8

im 13 and me and my b/f have been dating for 8 months we did it 4 the first time hes 15 but it was his 1st but as soon as he almosted *c_mmed* he took it out rite away then 1 min or 2 min later he did but we did it about 7 times and he c_mmed each time the thing was im not on "The pill" and he didnt use protection and now todays the day im supposed to start and nothin wat do i do i havent told anyone and im affraid to wat do i do plz help :'(


vickie - August 8

oh hunny! If u used no protection or ur not on the pill and u had s_x 7 times each time he ejaculated, its more than likely u r pregnant, especially if u were in ur fertile window, what u will have to do is wait for about a week, if you don't come on ur period, buy a test or go to the doctor and keep your fingers crossed! If you are, go to the doc and get folic acid to take and make a decision, if you arnt go to the doc and go on the pill! or use condoms, Keep ur fingers crossed and just incase ur pregnant look after urself dont smoke or drink and eat healthily. keep us updated xx


Kati - August 8

To Vickie: that was very nice of you, just the way you talked to her- i cant stand it when people judge like that. Im going to be 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant and some people ive talked to are just rude. so 7 stars for you and good luck confused i hope t tuns out the way you want it!


Wow!!! - August 9

You and your b/f had s_x "7 times" and he "c_mmed" each time. OH REALLY?


Grandpa Viv - August 9

If this happened the weekend of the 23/24 when you were probably ovulating, you might have a problem. But I don't hear you tell of any body function changes which you would probably felt last week if you were getting pregntn. So let's hope it's one of those deals where first s_x has scared your period into the middle of next month. What you did was pretty high risk, as there would have been s____n left in his p___s when he went back in the next time. If you keep this up you will be pregnant within a year or two. www.ppowb.org/gv/



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