Whats Sex Like After Birth

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bec - March 3

well... im due soon and i know you cant have s_x 6-8 weeks after having a baby but does it hurt spesh if you tore im really woried that i might feel i wont ever want s_x again! i have completely gone off s_x near enough all the way through pregnancy i was just wondering if you could tell me any stuff bout it thank you


Mari - March 3

Girrrrrrrrrll im worried about the same thing, my baby turned 6 weeks on sunday, and i had my 6 week appt on monday but didnt go cuz i got my period and it was heavy so now i got it next monday the 7th, and i will b 7 weeks since i had the baby. My bf wants to do it but im sooo scared! I told him we cant til i see a doc and get on birthcontrol......i tore really bad so im scared that its gonna hurt or like what if i tear a little and it starts hurting ooooooooo i dont know but im scared. Hopefully someone that has already been through this responds ASAP


melissa - March 3

i've had three children and s_x after each went fine. A little "dry" after the first baby but KY helps that.


layla - March 3

I also have had 3 children and pregnant with my 4th. S_x after birth feels the same as before (well, it did for me,) but like Melissa said, you may feel a little dry. My s_x drive has also decreased ALOT since having kids.


Amanda - March 3

S_x should be the same, it was for me. In fact you may even be able to feel a little more after than before! I tore a little & had 2 st_tches. The dr. recommended to wait for 3 to 4 weeks & after the stiches dissolved. But my husband & I didn't wait until they were completely gone & everything was fine. Although we did wait until 4 weeks or so after we had the baby. Don't be scared though, but if you are uncomfortable do wait & talk to your Dr. about it. Don't worry, they've been asked before!


Reba - March 3

Some women don't have any problems with s_x after having the baby. Others it hurts like hell!. I had one of both. Both of my sons arrived via unplanned c-section. After the first my hubby and I couldn't have s_x for months I think it was 8months before it didn't hurt like a sob...course during that c-section when they widened the uterine incision they tore it down into my cervix OUCH. after my second son arrived and I got the all clear the first 3-4times hurt just due to driness and lack of activity :-) Be patient, VERY patient a lot of foreplay and a good quality lubricant.



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