A Dont Know What To Do Please Help Me

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ljk - January 11

today i found out that i was pregnent , i am 18 yrs old and av never wanted a baby at this young its a really big suprise as iv always taken precautions , iv always thort tht i would have a termination if i got pregnent but now that i am im not to sure , iv got no idea what to do . im so used to goin out having laugh and a drink with th egirlies and being slim that im scared , and im scared to tell my dad the most , thats the most off putting thing to have a baby now is that my dad would kill me , please give me advise !!1 thank you


Blackeye - January 11

You should know that no precautions is good, and that birth control is the best you can do. You are 18 years old and you are a adult now. You are pregnant and you should know that you are blessed to be getting pregnant at all. A baby is a miracle and a life long change. If you dont want a baby you should not have s_x. Or better,use birth control. Im 20 years old and have already had 2 miscarriges and i can tell you that you are blessed to be having a little baby that loves you and trusts you to take vital life choises for him/her. You know very well that s_x and unprotected s_x can lead to pregnancy. Everybody knows that. But done is done and you have to take responsibility for your actions.


ljk - January 11

i know your so right but im soo terrified , i thort of al those people tht try and try for abaies and thn i dont try and this happens , im just scared because im not ready , im 18 yr old i live in england in a small house with my alcoholic mam and my bf is always out partying , my dad live further away and is very protectiv of me he will kill me , am just scared and i feel bad for having douts


Grandpa Viv - January 11

I'm sure you will consider all your options carefully. You only get to birth a couple of kids in this life, and it is important to do that at the right time in your life, and by the right father. Chat with ppowb if you wish. Good luck!


ljk - January 12

thank you for your advise , im still soo unsure wat to do , i think im gunna tell my dad because he allways sorts my head out when im this frustrated but its going to be hard .a dont really wanna do either ofmy options coz either way im goin to regret it at sum point


rl- - January 12

well when I was 18 I found out I was pregnant and was scared to tell my dad as well but I did and he was very supportive which did surprise me so you never know just think about what you want to do just know you will have to live with whatever you decide it won't be a easy choice so think carefully I wish you lots of luck oh and with me I did have my baby at 18 and am very glad I did my son is turning 18 himself this year...I am not against abortion but you have to make that choice for yourself nobody can do that for you take care....


sahara - January 12

well i am currently pregnant, and when i found out i was pregnant and i had to tell my mother and father i was so scared, since they are divorced, i guess it was easier to tell them, my mother was upset but she got over it now she tells all her friends i'm going to be a grand ma, when i told my father he flip out, till this minute he's not really speaking to me but i know he'll get over it sooner or later, but the best thing to do is get all out tell ur father, at least ur 18, i'm 17 and i got about 4 months left carrying this baby, the sooner you get it out the sooner you can move on with your life.



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