A Good Reason Why A Teen Wants To Have A Baby

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5 - March 5

Please I would like a good reason why someone at the ages of 13,14,15,16,17, would want to have a baby? I am serious I would like to know the real reason and I am not talking about the ones that were accidents I mean the ones that are actually planned. This is not meant to be mean, I just really want to know what makes a teen want to become a parent at such a young age.


becca - March 5

one reason may be that a girl had a pregnancy scare or had a pregnancy but lost the baby and thn decided that she wanted to become pregnanct again


Just a comment - March 5

I believe 5 was asking for a good reason. A lot of women suffer a loss and don't run out and get knocked up. I belive the reason you are looking for 5 is that these teens are lonely desperate children in search of love. I think its sad that they feel the only to recieve love is by creating a child. They do not realize that they can be good at things and be loved. It is a form of self destruction like cutting and it is a cry for help.


becca - March 5

my sister got pregnant and her baby was still born soon after she got pregnant again because she wanted a baby so badly now she is 23 and has a beautiful little girl who is a year old i do think if you think your going to have something you get used to it and then when you either fing out your not or have it taken away from you your want it more my sister did your reason is right as well but another one might be that they actually feel ready to make a family with the person they love


KM - March 5

i agree, those are good reasons.But Becca, she was 23. Probably in a better position to have a baby than a teen. I love my son with all my heart, but I know that If I had miscarried early in my pregnancy, I wouldn't intentionally get pregnant again to fill the loss, it's not really a healthy way of dealing with loss.I would be devestated but at the same time I would wait till I was more ready to have a child to try again. I wasn't exactly ready when I got pregnant, but abortion is not for me, so I did what I could to get ready. I do think however that is probably true for some people.


Just a comment - March 5

KM you are always so good at seeing all the sides. I truely respect ou for that. I just wanted to through that in.


KM - March 5

aww thanks so much :) I appreciate it


Mommy2Kylie - March 5

Im 19, and didn't 'want' a baby at the time I got pregnant, BUT I wanted to be pregnant after I found out I was pregnant. If that makes since? I never wanted a baby when I was 13, 14, 15, or 16 so Im not sure why a girl would want to at that age? I think a lot of girls don't feel 'loved' and they want someone they can love who will love them back, because babies are 'cute'? I don't know, because they feel that motherly instinct already. Who knows.


5 - March 6

Thank you to everyone that replied I appreciate the time you took to reply and I do believe that the ones that are trying to do this are maybe in some way trying to fill a void in there lives and I wish there was some way we could make them all understand that they don't need to go this route and they are special enough to better there lives in other ways such as education so when they are ready to bring a child into this world they will be a little more financially prepared and maybe a little more wiser, which I believe will help them with the raising of there little ones.


Michaela - March 6

I think a lot of teens want to have a baby because they need that uncondtional love a child of their own would give them.Or, they could be searching for attention and this is the only way they would get it!


autum - March 6

i had my first when i was 17 turnd 18 few days later. but he was planned. looking back now, i know it was a mistake. but don't get me wrong i love him to pieces, wish i would've waited. the reason i did it was i just moved out on my own. my parents just split up, mom and sis were moving to a different city and step father was also. i was the only "family" left. i felt alone, felt that everyone was leaving me. etc. so we planned a baby. someone i would have till death do ua part. that unconditional love. my family was leaving me so i created my own family. i know now that there are other ways, but then i didnt. i wish that they would teach this stuff in school. not jsut the s_x-ed, but some kind of life course. let these kinds know the resources out there. places to get help


becca - March 7

when my sister first got pregnant she was 19 ( yea i see what you mean with and early pregnancy but with my sister she felt him move and everything she only had 1 month to go )


Unknown - March 7

Teenagers want the responsibility of being a mother, some are just wanting them to use as a fasion accesory (hate to say it) But some teenagers, like me love their partner and would like to start a family, i did when i was 16, i am now 38 we are still together with 3 children, we are still happy aswell.


Liz - March 22

That mothering instinct is kicking in...


bump - September 23




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