A Good Story You Should Read

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25 - October 25

I am a 25 years old and have a story to tell because i have read many comments from people about teen mothers not being good mothers and I even read one that said children raised by a teen mother grow up to be criminals. My mother was raped and got pregnant with me at 15 thankfully she was able to get the guy for who sadly i have to call my father. My mother knew she wasnt mature enough for a baby but since she believed abotrion wasnt the thingfor her she decided to keep me. She not only graduated from high school but she graduated from college as a pharmacist she was a very sucessful woman and did a great job in raising me. I didnt grow up to be a criminal or grow up as a messed up child I graduated college and started my career as an RN. I also have a 6 month old daughter which I love very much. So for those many people who think no teen mom can raise a child I am proof that they for sure can and my mother is one of the best mothers I consider her a better mom then other adult mom . Even though sadly there are many irresponsible teen moms not all are the same. My mom for sure wasnt I hope she never forgets how much I love her either. Maybe its something alot of you should think about before throwing out comments.


Eville Girl - October 26



Jade - October 26

Teen parents... you have the good ones and the bad ones. Unfortunately, it's the bad ones that everybody bases their judgments off of... and thus we have stereotypes. Maybe if people would quit being so judgmental and start being supportive, we might not have the "irresponsible" teen parents. And aside from that, people need to quit calling pregnant teens "s___ts" and "whores"... there are many ways that a girl can get pregnant, not just by sleeping around!


name - October 27

There are good and bad adult parents as well. I don't think it has too much to do with age.Although sometimes it is harder for young ppl to get ahead, especially when ppl are just there to judge them and put them down rather than help them to succeed and be good parents.teen mothers deserve more credit and support


Anon - October 27

Most of the kids that post here are not mature about getting pregnant. They try, or are trying. They have unprotected s_x and then freak out that they are pregnant. Yes, some young girls do a fine mom-job. Others are just doing it so that they will have a baby to love them. Those are the ones that give the ones that CAN do a good job a bad name. I am glad that some (like your mother) do a fine job, however no young girl should be TRYING to have a baby.


E - October 28

I look at both sides of a story and have personally been at both ends, so I think I have valuable insight. You seem to be very singleminded about teen pregnancy.


Jennie.P - November 1

That was a great post!!! I hate that I'm critisized for being a pregnant teen. I am 19, finished college and my baby's daddy is the ONLY person I have slept with (we've been together for 5 years) and we were using protection at the time. How would that make me irrisponsible or a s___t!?!! I am also more educated then A LOT of adults that I know, where as I am done college. I also come from a relationship that was maybe a little too young, my mom had me at 19, and I was her second baby. I turned out fine. I wish people would not generalize when they talk about teen moms. You have good teen moms and bad ones. You have good adult moms and bad ones. Personally, I have heard more stories of women in the media who are unfit mothers, who are OVER the age of 25!!!! Again, great post!!!


q - November 2

good post



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