A Life Crisis Feel Like I M On The OC

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sassenach - January 5

Well, I joined this place almost a week ago, in hopes of getting my brain back in gear after my first "encounter". And it seems I've commenced in the filming of the latest soapy, seriously, unreal. The story all begins with the separation of my loves household, and the packing of all belongings...including his stash of "rain gloves". Which somehow leads to Wednesday, (yesterday) and my house being empty and our alone presence..of course calls for uhh..Primal satisf...NVM. Just know the conversation went something along the line of "k, protection time" i say, followed by "sorry, rain gloves are amiss". Anywhoo, we of course realize the seriousness of what’s been done **AFTERWARDS** (yes, all 4 times, practically in sequence) and rush off to purchase plan B. Giving my faith entirely into science I was unworried, and slept well. Until I was awoken...nice and early in the morning receiving the news that.... due to his "worry" a certain chain of events lead to information finding its way, to his bloody parents! His mother was on my doorstep within a blink of an eye (and believe me, im a tuff cookie, but put me in a pit with this one and im climbing the walls) So, I ended up by some miracle maneuvering my way out of a clinic visit, no doubt to get a shot of rat poisoning. The call I was forced to make to my mother-dearest was quite inevitable though.... and she was plainly gob-smacked by this news... Her A+ student, volunteer working, pretty perfect child isn't a virgin! And might be pregnant tooboot! She'll be home at 6:30, and if I’m absent for some time...just conclude I’ve had a royal ass kicking. Now, if only I could take my own advice...but since I can't, thought I didn’t deserve a high horse;). And I’m going to ask you girls what you think of my situation?


courtney - January 5

lol, i hear you on his mom thing!! i talk to my babys g-ma more then i do my babys dad, and omg...she is one intimidating biotch. im a tough cookie too, and if it came down to it, would run from her like the wind! i dont think anyone has ever asked how old you are!! so u have to talk to YOUR mom huh....?? i was in the same situation kinda when i was younger....except my parents finding out i wasnt a virgin was a BFP when i went to get put on birth control. completely out of no where...i had no clue either!! but hm.....what a horrible next 3 hours your gonna have!! tell your mum that you know you made a mistake, and if your NOT pregnant, youve learned from it!! atleast she knows what goin on now right?? when will u b able to check and see??(missed period)


sa__senach - January 5

Well, unfortunately since im new to this I never really over-monitored my periods, but if im any good at recalling I think I have between 2-3 weeks to go. Guess it could be worse, concerning the waiting...but the mom...oh boy. Not twisting my knickers over the lecturing...just dreading what the consequence will be. She's not the sort that just rants and says "im disappointed", and I’m willing to face it...but if she decides I shouldn't see him anymore.... As I mentioned, the chain of events that lead to his parents finding out, was specifically: 1.he asked a friend he works with for advice, and received a promise of confidentiality (my a__s.lol) 2. This guy decides it was his duty to tell my boyfriends step dad (their co-workers. duhhhh) 3. The stepfather decides i must be pregnant and tells the wicked witch of the west. Why didn’t I think of the sprinklers?lol. I just find myself aggravated at the ironic-ness of this situation, and that in a sort I find myself blaming him, there's nothing else to be done until I have or skip my period. Whether any "adults" know or not. I've always put my life and education first, and so have even found myself considering the removal of him from my life. (I must be a husk to even consider this). Not to mention the thought of sleeping with him now rakes me with feelings of disgust....



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