A Little About Abortion Get The Facts Straight

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Anonymous - July 1

People have their own opions on abortion. I'm 15 & pregnant, and to begin with and i can conclude still now i don't like the idea of abortion, but the truth is when that abortion is getting done there is no baby. NO BABY. it's not a baby yet!! You people think that you're killing a living child. You can have an abortion around up to about 15 weeks and mainly people get them done about 6 weeks. THere is no living baby insdei of you with lungs heart arms legs fingers organs. It's not fully developed and that's why they do it so early. I'm getting an abortion as much as i don't like it but i'd rather that than having my baby be on welfare, not being able to be there 24/7 and etc. think about it... 1 more MAJOR thing... don't believe everything you hear... or SEE!


Julie - July 1

Oh, sorry anonymous, I wanted to add one more thing, you said don't believe everything you hear or see. If you went to have a 3d ultrasound done on your own belly, you will see that their is a baby inside. They do abortions this early because women have the right over their own body, not because the baby is not developed. You could argue, don't believe waht you hear or see in days pa__s, but technology has now caught up with us and there is no way to deny what shows up on the 3d ultrasound screen. I just wonder if you gave your child the choice, like you have right now ... if you asked your child ... you can choose to live or you can choose to die ... if you choose to live, we will have to go on welfare and things may be hard for us and I won't be able to be with you all the time. Which do you choose life or death? I'm not trying to be mean, I've just have seen the emotional trauma that abortions causes. If anyone has had one, I hope you forgive yourself and make a pledge to at least resarch and inform yourself in the future. Even research emotional side effects of abortion. I wish you all well.


<> - July 1

You started off as, "not fully developed". Thats how all people start off. I understand though what your going through, not wanting to be on welfare etc. The baby your carrying right now has a heart though, and it's beating as we speak...it might not be a fully developed heart but it works and your going to break it. You can never have another baby exactly like this one. He/she is unrepeatable and truly unique. Go ahead and have an abortion though, I hope you don't regret it enough to get pregnant again. Good luck though, I didn't type this post to be mean or anything, just maybe to change your mind because a lot of people regret having an abortion, especially as the due date pa__ses, you wonder what it would have been like to hold that baby and see it living and breathing. A lot of people can't have kids, you were blessed though.


Gaby - July 1

well i dont care if im mean or not. youre saying "get the facts straight" when you dont even know the facts yourself!!! How can you say that there is no baby, stop acting like a know it all and do some reasearch the baby does have a heart and starts forming other organs around 5 weeks. little girl you need to do some reasearch before you start talking and yes if you have an abortion you are killing a living child. you might as well keep the baby in you for the 9 months then once you give birth, tie the baby to the bed and pull the legs off and cut its head open and burn the baby. doesnt sound like murder??? So how is it any different with the baby being inside of you??? If you dont want the baby, you shouldve taken care of yourself in the first place. And there is adoption incase you havent heard of it!!! YOU NEED ALOT OF THINGS TO LEARN


yes there is - July 2

If you already know that you are pregnant then there is already a BABY there that has a heartbeat GOD put that baby there for a reason Have you ever heard of adoption?


Jill - July 2

Something that is not living (example: chair, couch, table, etc.) does not have cells that are reproducing. Something that is living (tree, dog, unborn baby, etc.) does have cells that are constantly reproducing to make itself bigger. Just because this baby does not have fully formed organs does not nake it any less a baby. He/she is alive, with a heartbeat, moving, and already forming the bones and organs, and even permanent teeth. If this is not a baby, then why do women cry over miscarriages? If this is just a blob of tissue, then why are there support groups and websites about miscarriage? I realize you're being selfless about wanting your baby to have something better than welfare and foodstamps, but there are so many women in this world who want this "nothing" to be growing inside of them. There are so many families trying to adopt these "nothings" thaat form babies in such a short amount of time. I am one of these women. My husband and I cannot get pregnant, and are now looking into adoption. Because people seem to have forgotten that adoption is still there, people like me are left with an empty room, and a lot of paperwork. Yes, give your baby a better life than welfare, by giving he/she up for adoption. Then you'll be giving this baby the greatest gift that ever can be given: the gift of LIFE.


nay - July 2

how dare you say that it isn't a living thing? just have it and give it into adoption. I pray to God you do the right thing.


to anonymous - July 2

You are just trying to make yourself feel better because you know what you are doing is wrong. If you really believed what you are saying you wouldn't have to come on here and try to get support for your opinions. If you are so smart, why didn't you use birth control in the first place?


Deanna - July 2

Good for you, anonymous. Don't let what these girls are saying make you feel like you made the wrong decision. A woman's decision to get an abortion should be her decision, and her decision alone. To anonymous, the baby that will be aborted is not a living baby. To others, it is. And as for the "God put this baby here for a reason" deal, some people don't believe in God, so should their opinion on abortion be compromised because of something they don't believe in? No. So to each their own. If you want an abortion, get an abortion. If you don't, don't. That's that. The end.


Jen - July 2

I find it ridiculous that someone could compare having an abortion to taking a newborn baby and ripping it apart and burning it. From what I have read, late term abortions are a horrible experience for the mother and baby. Personally I would never have an abortion and in my opinion they should not be done after the first trimester unless the mother is at serious risk. I think it is wrong to have multiple abortions because you are using it as a form of birth control. I also believe that in some cases an abortion is the best decision. I once heard a woman going on and on about how evil abortion was. About five minutes later she was complaining about supporting teenagers and their b___d children. I guess that she wants the babies to be born and then suffer from poverty, poor nutrition, and lack of medical care. That would be far more humane.


Deanna - July 3

To "poor baby": It's not "killing your own child." A child is not what is being aborted. The two are hardly comparable. So stop exaggerating. And some women would be irresponisble regardless of a doctor inventing abortion. Ever hear of women throwing themselves down a flight of stairs in hopes of terminating their pregnancy? Would you rather that done than a safe, humane way of terminating a pregnancy, like abortion?


anonymous - July 3

no, you guys are jsut childish so i don't bother. just to let you know i did talk to my doctor yesterday when I GOT MY ABORTION. yes, it hurt and i regret it at times.. but mainly i'm happy bc i KNOW i didn't kill a happy. so jsut so YOU know i DID check my facts and even the doctor knows its just ceels reproducing right now. so instead of wasting your tmie CRITIZING people bc of something you DO NOT know and something you Think... learn the true facts hun! oh & no.. the condom DIDN'T break we didn't use protection and honestly idc bc once in my life have i ever used my protection..no.thanks =] and thanks from all the other supporters.


poor baby - July 3

To Deanna Hey, if it wasn't a child, what is it? Something dead not growing and wanting to live? NOOOOO!! It is comparable because it will be a baby, learning, cooing, alive. And, yeah if a women is stupid enough to have s_x and not think of what could happen, throwing herself down the stairs is just another idiot thing she does. And how is sucking a live fetus out of the womb humane? For whom is that humane?? And to annonymous, when you are finally ready to keep the child you make,(and not kill it with selfish abandon) you will suffer.You will always wonder if the other babe did this or that. You will realize that you made a horrible mistake and that will be your punishment.Over and out.


cruel - July 3

maybe its not a child yet but it is still a life and what ryt do u hav 2 destroy it? If you make a mistake you should be responsible enough to live with it...i was 13 and pregnant an ddnt even consider having an abortion...i can fk up my own lyf but im not gna fk up sum1 elses sory....ther r a few acceptable reasons 2 abort but i dont think u hav 1. grow up and get all the facts please. dont be a self centred btch


m - July 3

Stop preaching its ppls babys and lives let them do what they want its no worse than wearing a condom to kill the sperm and why have a baby that u cant raise or what if u got raped huh? what if u dont want to keep it? stop preaching about anti abortion its not anyones place to say if its wrong or right


Jen - July 3

It is a hell of a lot more humane to abort a baby early on than to give it a screwed up life. There are way too many people in this world that have children that shouldn't have them. Drug addicts, or people that are just plain screwed up. I think you need to hold a drug addicted baby in your arms before you decide what is best for everyone else. Just like an abortion that damage is irreversible.


KT - July 3

why do people think they have the right to impose their opinion on others?? don't you understand that its simply NOT your business if a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy, knowing there is no way she could possibly care for a child the way it deserves to be cared for?? children have the right to be born into a stable relationship and be provided with the best of care emotionally and financially. stop using emotional blackmail, you are stooping really low!!



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