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coke78 - December 13

hey well its me again..this question is a little different and only has a little to do with pregnancy. okay well me and my boyfriend of 2 years are soo in love..he wants me to get a appartment with him soon!! and i want to baddd..but theres a few problems..my parents dislike him, im only 17, and im very scared to ask if i can move out (can you get in trouble for just moving out wen your 17?)--especially with him. and my boyfriend keeps talking about havin a baby with me too but i aint sure if im ready for that rite now.. i would love to have my baby with him but i want to in the future..but now theres a chance of me being pregnant but i aint sure.. and he thinks that if i am then my parents for sure will let me move in. but i feel that if any of this happens..me getting pregnant or moving with him..they will hate me. i just dont know what to do..what would yall do?


RylansMommy - December 13

What state do you live in and how old is your bf?


amanda17 - December 13

2 years may not be as long as you think. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and we're still discovering new things about each other, we're changing into different people, which happens to everyone. My parents dislike him as well, we have a kid together and they still do not want him around. If anything my getting pregnant only made them hate him more. I had to wait until I was 18 for us to live together and my parents still gave me a ton of c___p about it.... EVERY day they complain to me. Having a baby does not solve any problems, it only adds to them. Even the simplest tasks become hard work. Your boyfriend does not know what he's talking about, and if you have a kid together I promise you, you [and HE] will wish you had waited


coke78 - December 13

we live in louisiana nd he is 18 rite now and will be 19 in 4 months... but to amanda i think you are soo rite i tell him that all the time..he aint thinking of all the consequences of having a baby..we both need some growing up to do ..but idk im still thinking of moving in but i mite wait a few more months till im 18..i just dont want to disapoint my parents with my decisions


hotmomma07 - December 13

hey coke78. i would wait til you move in with him so you are not back and forth with your parents. have a baby when you are ready to bc there are so many life changes for you and him plus you being young. but one thing you gotta think of is are your parents gonna live your life for you? i had my son at 19 years old, and now i am 21 and we are tryin for another one. people think i am crazy for having two kids under 25 but we have been together for almost 4 years, have an apartment for 3 years, my son is bout to be 2, i work full time, and bout to grad. college. i am pretty successful for have two babies. so go with your heart and think bout your future. your parents dont live your life.


coke78 - December 13

to hotmama thank you so much ..you inspire me cuz i was thinking that if i do this then it would be so hard to accomplish things like school and a job..and your rite about my parents runin my life..i just need to go with my heart..they will love me regardless l0l ..im just really ready to get out my house nd get a place with him..but your not crazy for havin 2 kids before 25..i noe alot of young ppl who have and they are very happy..it is a blessing from god so you will be happy either way..good luck and thank you


amanda17 - December 13

Uhmm I have to disagree. At the age of seventeen you are too young and inexperienced to really know what's best for you. If your parents are telling you something or forbidding you from doing something there's a reason for it. I'm barely older than you, I have my own child to look after and you better believe I still go to my mom for advice because I know whatever she tells me, even if it's something I don't want to hear, is told to me out of love and will probably benefit me one way or the other. Being a mother myself I hope my child will understand this as well... Your parents love you, they don't just restrict you because they feel like it... They want what's best for you and you should listen to them!


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 14

You obviously don't feel entirely too comfortable with getting pregnant right now. Go with that gut feeling and tell him as much as you love him right now is not the best time. Wait a little! Wait till you are 100% done with school, ready to be a mom, ready to move, ready to get married make that HUGE HUGE step in life. Even the SLIGHTEST doubt like you obviously have, and you should go with that. You're scared, you are only 17. Just take a deep breath and let yourself live life and enjoy every bit of it before you make such a gigantic commitment. Seriously, 17 is too young to SERIOUSLY plan to PURPOSEFULLY bring a child in the world in my opinion.


hotmomma07 - December 14

i am not sayin go ahead and gettin preg. i am sayin dont let your parents live your life. and you know what everyone is not perfect and rich and you gotta learn things how they go. if my parents lived my life i would be having another child til i am like 30 or not even having my precious son. i am in college, working, and living on the own wit my man. babies are not stoppin me or slowing me down. coke keep your head up and everything will work out. my parents were a lil disappointed when i got preg. just because i was 18 but to tell you the truth parents will still be your parents. and they love my son to death. i have never seen parents turn their back on their children just because they are not a cookie cutter of them. no one is perfect. everyone has to grow up somehow.


coke78 - December 14

yeah i aint sayin ima go off and get pregnant either..thats the last thing i want to do..i meant go off and live with him nd finish school and get a job..but thanks alot again for the advice and support


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 15

When I was 17 I moved in with my now husband. I don't regret it. It was awesome and wonderful. So.. :)


hotmomma07 - December 15

17 is just a number. its the maturity level of that person to. my cuz just had here baby at 17 and she doesnt do anything, she is lazy, and her mom helps do everything. but if that was me at 17 i would be a great young mom. girls that are 25 sometimes are resposibile and ready to have a baby. it depends on the person you are. being 19, everyone tells me i do a great job being young. i think my son has been away from me a total of like 5 days the whole 23 months. i love my son and i love to take him everywhere i go. he is a good baby. so... 17 is just a number


amanda17 - December 15

You're saying "don't let your parents live your life" to someone who's parents are telling her not to get pregnant and move in with a guy she's only been with for two years... which is pretty good advice, especially at her age. You say you didn't let your parents live your life... was getting pregnant at 19 REALLY the best idea? I wouldn't want my 19 year old daughter getting pregnant because that is a struggle she shouldn't have to deal with. Maybe not all parents are wonderful, but from what it sounds like this girls' parents actually care for her and want what's best for her... So I'm saying DON'T b__w them off, listen to them! Having kids as a teenager is difficult and I don't think anyone should go around trying to conceive until they are finished with school, have a good job, a home, a stable relationship etc. I'm 18, I have a daughter and I would love nothing more than to have another... But I'm not in the best place right now so I'm waiting... Because that's the responsible thing to do.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 15

Yeah really I agree with Amanda. I just thought about it, and yeah I might have moved in with my husband at 17 but I had known him for 4 years and we were engaged... plenty of other things. I had graduated high school etc etc etc. I think the best thing to do right now is to wait it out and just see what happens. Don't RUSH that's the biggest mistake anyone could make.


hotmomma07 - December 15

let me clear myself. i didnt have s_x just to get preg. at 18. but i dont regret my son at all. i finished high school, almost got my a__sociates (and i am only 21), working at a daycare for going on 5 years, and got a man that will stick beside me. maybe it is just me. but i am making it. being a young mom is not harder but everyone isnt like me. but if you put your mind to it, it can be done.


hotmomma07 - December 15

and yea listen to your parents. but later in life you feel you are ready then go ahead.


coke78 - December 16

well thanks for yalls advice..me and him decided to wait a little bit before gettin our own place..we've been goin threw alot here lately. but i am very mature for my age but me and my man dont have enough money to have a baby rite now because i know babies are alot of money..but he still talks about having one all the time he just dont understand from my point of view..he just dont know how hard it would be..but ima just wait and see later on



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