A Little Scarrryy But A Little Excited But In A Bad Place

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rachel2121 - January 24

well i dont know if yall know but i might be pregnant and well its kinda scarry rite now because well first off im not one of these little 14 or 15 year old girls trying to get pregnant im 19 years old and i know that is young itself but i got a little more together but me and my boyfriend been having unprotected s_x since christmas i had my period i think at the beginning of janurary i dont remember the exact days but before and after we had unprotected s_x well lately i have been having a few minor sypmtoms like i been getting headaches kinda frequently (i dont usually get headaches) and i'v had minor cramping in my pelvic area and starting yesterday i had very very light bleeding well i wouldnt consider it bleeding it was more lik a spot of blood but it was so light and kinda brownish red but only lasted a few minutes then quickly stopped then this morning it was the same thing a very light brownish red spotting and my br___t have been slightly sore. i'v had off and on nausea some times i will feel sick like throwing up when i eat certain foods or i smell certain smells and sometimes i am fine. i'v tried not to think about being pregnant to much so that i wont just convince myself that i am and have false symptoms because of my over eagerness but the main problem is not the pregnancy its what happens after i get the positive test because right now im living with one of my friends and his mother because me and my mom got into it and she threw me out his mother is very strict and would not alowe a little pregnant girl staying in her house and i dont think i could move back with my mom and i know for a fact i could not move with my boyfriend of 2 years that i just wana say i love 2 death from the bottom of my heart but his family dont like me because back in they day lol we use to get in alot of trouble when we were a little younger so our families don’t really agree with us being together let alone having a child together so im kinda scared to take the test well I already took 2 of them but It was only like a week or so after so I guess it was to early to tell any ways but my next period should be due at the beginning of february so ill test around then but im just scared of the future because I don’t want to have to live in my car or in the streets with my baby


lunamoo - January 24

Okay you say you are not a 14 or a 15 year old but a 19 year old "who has it more together..." What are you thinking having unprotected s_x in the situation you are in!?!?! SERIOUSLY! And then you end your post by saying you are scared because you "don't want to live out of my car or in the streets!!!" WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?! Sorry dear but how foolish and not to mention selfish that you are trying for a baby under your current circ_mstances which are so far from ideal to raise a baby. Actually I would say a 15 year old who is living with her parents and has a good relationship with them is in a better plaice to think about raising a child......Why don't you wait until you are READY and PREPARED to raise a child before you try....Well what is done is done. If you are not pregnant, get on the pill. Good luck


rachel2121 - January 24

i wasnt exactly trying......its a complicated situation of how its been happening but i dont know how to explain but ill hope for the best


amanda17 - January 24

Wait about a week and take a test. If it comes out negative you need to use two forms of birth control from now on. One form is just not good enough, but it's better than none. Stay away from natural forms of birth control such as the pull out method. Use the pill or an iud and condoms. If your test comes out positive, plead with your mom to help you out. If she refuses you need to start looking into adoption because no baby deserves to live on the street. Please don't put him or her through that.


angelmonkey - January 24

hav ing unprotected s_x= pregnancy, surley you knew this? and in your situation..........you should of thought about living in your car with a baby before having unprotected s_x


Teddyfinch - January 24

imo if you aren't using protection, you're trying to get pregnant. if you aren't pregnant, you really need to start using protection. stop being selfish and think of the baby that would be suffering through all of this.


lunamoo - January 25

rachel2121 what is the "complicated story?" Having unprotected s_x seems very straight forward as are the consequences. What are you going to do?


rachel2121 - January 26

thanks V9653 for ur advice and straight forward-ness but honestly i wasnt looking for a hand out of any one to DO for me..i understand my position and am ready to take responsibilty for my actions i dont want to say they complicated reason this happened because itz personal and i WAS NOT TRYING for a child but thats not the conversation right now i know i hav to make quite a few adjustments to my life in the near future if the test says positive and i have been praying for guidence from the lord...i dont expect no 1 to do for me tho no one ever has that is why im not living with my mother and i havnt been for awhile now...i do hav a job and im about to take my state board exam to be a license cosmetologist i already went threw 2 years of beauty school for that i know itz not a high paying executive job but it can get me by for now til i can get on my feet...i wasnt trying to sound childish or yound minded in my post i just wanted some advice maybe some one could have gave me some insight..i know its not easy and it will be even harder with a child in the picture but itz a path that my life is going down and now i hav to embrase it and keep going strong...but thats for ur advice and ur direct comments it helped open my eyes and i hope that all is well


V9653 - January 27

Honey, I wasn't trying to be rude, but now I don't understand what you're asking. You were scared and didn't know what to do if you ended up being pregnant and the family of your friend kicked you out. I thought I kind of gave you some ideas. I mean those are your only options unless there's more to the story or other options. Like I said before, you have a few months to hide things from that family you're staying with-time to get your own place. Or else you can try to explain the situation to them and see if they will let you stay or will be willing to come up with some kind of compromise. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. If you have more direct questions, don't be afraid to ask.



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