A Negative Pregnancy Test Am I Pregnant

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pg08 - November 14

I am a teenager and I have had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend several times. I no that it wasn't a smart move but it happened. I think that I'm pregnant but I have taken multiple pregnancy tests and they all come out negative. I do have an irregular period so I never know when I will get it so I can not go by that. I have been very moody, feeling fatigue, tender br___ts, getting naucious, and am getting bigger around my midsection. Is it just me? Help me plz.


Brittany - November 14

Have you missed a period yet? A big sign of pregnancy is missing your period, then you take a pregnancy test. Maybe you tested too early? Wait until you've missed your period, then test. Best of luck.


kendra.marie - November 14

its hard to say since you have irregular periods. when was ur last period? & how many times is several & how often.


KooKoo - November 15

"A negative pregnancy test. Am I pregnant?" - OBVIOUSLY NOT. Keyword = NEGATIVE


kendra.marie - November 15

kookoo people do get negatives & are pregnant., why are you so rude to people asking serious questions. go somewhere else if your going to be rude.


KooKoo - November 15

because shes just thick.


lisa mc - November 15

kookoo i am 22 weeks pregnant and i still dont get a positive pregnancy test just positive blood test so nobody is thick but you not to know that this can happen!!!


Corrie - November 15

Wow, there is some unnecessary att_tude over here. Pg08- Just like Lisa and Kendra have stated, it is possible. I was well into my second month of pregnancy before a pregnancy test gave me a positive. I only knew I was pregnant because of the blood test I had done prior. In my suggestion, wait a few days. If AF doesn't come, then test again. Keep your head up and good luck~


jennifer_33106 - November 15

KooKoo it is possible. I had like 6 pos pgy tests before the doctors office. Then when I got there, the one they gave me was negative. But they also sent me for a blood test, which came back positive. So it is possible to get a negative and still be pregnant. She may have tested too early and some people can actually never get a positve test. To the OP, I woudl suggest retaking another HPT in a few days using FMU. Also to everyone else, Kill em with kindness guys, just kill em with kindness. :)


pg08 - November 16

Thanx brittney, kendra, lisa, corrie, and jennifer. Kookoo I jus got one question? If all u have is negative stuff 2 say y r u on here? Y dnt u take it 2 someone who cares wat u tink? Smart comments r unesscary but if it makes u feel better inside b a smart alleck all u want cuz it dnt bother me none.



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