A Note About Abortion

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Jessica - May 19

This is just something for those of you out there considering abortion. I used to be pro choice, I thought that it was the individuals decision about what's best for them. The one thing I've learned though is once there's a child involved , its no longer about you, its about that little tiny soul that needs protecting. It doesn't care what you did , wrong or right, it's not its fault that you didn't pay attention to your birth control or were raped, or drugged or just plain careless. I know that sounds callus of me, by no means am I saying its your fault either, especially rape victims. All I am saying is that for some reason you were blessed with this life growing inside of you, yes blessed, because life is a blessing , someone gave you that gift give someone else that chance. There is a purpose for everyone. If god or allah or whomever you believe in doesn't think you can bear this they will find a way to naturally abort this child. You may not be able to raise the baby but at least you can give it a chance to live and that is a gift you only get to give very few times. Let some good come out of adversity. Thank you for reading and at least thinking about it.


boring - May 19

yawn ywan we have heard it all before


Happy Mommy - May 19

Thank you for sharing this. It needs to be shouted from a mountain top!


monique - May 21

you say it girl. That is the best way to put it. I feel 100% the same way


ellie - May 22

you, girl should b the one making the abortion commertials!! here in australia we have tv commercials about abortion and they r sorta wacky.. they r not pursuasive at all, but you girl, there is no question about it, that post makes you really think. i agree 100%..


J - May 22

I am still pro choice but I did not reaize that abortion was permitted so late in other countries. I cannot imagine waiting until 24 weeks to abort a baby. That is just horrible. I think that women should have the option but it should be done very early in pregnancy. I have seen way too many neglected mistreated children in my life to say that someone that doesn't want a baby should be forced to have one. Adoption is a great choice but it takes a far stronger person to put their baby up for adoption than to have an abortion. I feel badly for the babies that are kept by people that don't want them. Is a life of pain better than being aborted? I understand what you are saying. I myself would never have an abortion. I am so happy that someone could speak their mind without name calling and banishing people to hell.



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