A Poem To My Babys Daddy

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KkKkKkK - April 2

I am not wantin anybody to feel bad for me.. but this is a poem i wrote for my daughters DAD that doesnt want nothing to do with me or his daughter half the time!! PleasE! (thats wut its called) Why do I feel so hurt? My heart feels empty Inside like someone Ripped it out and stomped On it! All I do is cry. Nighttime after her soothing Bath, I hold her in my Arms, cradling her, feeding her And listening to all her bedtime Songs. I just die inside, I cry And cry when I know she’s thinking Where’s my daddy? Hes usually the One that puts me to bed after Mommy gives me my bath. All I can think about Is him and her. I hate Him for leaving us! How could He do that to us? What did I do as a mother And as a girlfriend? It feels Like I failed. I failed her, to Have pushed her daddy away. I hate myself for doing Something wrong to make Her daddy leave her. I wish I could just do something Right to make him come back. Please daddy come back. Come back to mommy and I. She’s so sorry for everything, She didn’t mean it. Daddy, mommy And I love you very much. All mommy does is cry, she doesn’t Know I know, but I do. Please Just come back and make her Stop crying. I look in my Daughters blue eyes and just Wanting to know what she’s Thinking and feeling. Even though she’s little and Content and wondering if She’s hurting inside. Again Daddy please come back and Complete our little family. If anybody feels the same way pleeese feel free to talk to me on this!! I love my daughter to death but the thing is.. is that i kno deep down inside she misses her daddy, and i hate that she does that becuz he never takes care of her! NEVER! he comes and goes, but trust me i am tryin to take care of that! My daughter literally cries wen she knows shes going with him, like 2day for instance she cried the whole time she was at his house!! pretty sad eh? Cuz all he does is yell at me wen he does come around... u see?? Pleeese tell me wut u think! Thanks!


Apple Blossom - April 2

You don't need him, you really are better off without him if he makes you cry! He doesn't deserve you nor his daughter. And don't you worry about your daughter, there are thousand of children that grow up without their father or biological father and are fine anyway, she'll forget about him after a couple of days without seeing him! How old is she by the way?


KkkkKKK - April 2

1 month old today!! shes beautiful.. brown hair, blue eyes!! :) if u wunna see her go to Mercyoakland.com and go to babies online and type in 103174 Thanks hun!!


Apple Blossom - April 2

ohh, I bet she'll be a heart-breaker when she grows up! You have a beautiful daughter, you are very lucky. Think about her and not about stupid and immature boys who don't deserve none of you. You'll see everything will be fine. Any place can be Heaven, if you let it!


Julia - April 2

Well, I must say you are better off without him. That little girl and all her love will keep you strong. And never forget that you have someone else who LOVES YOU DEEPLY. Kiss her for me.:) (Nana Girl) Well you know the email address...............God Bless U!!!


Apple Blossom - April 4

you are very welcome, my email is [email protected] if you need to mail me too



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