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Zamaire - October 10

in my school, at least 1/15 girls is pregnant and showing. that seems to be very high to me. i am pregnant myself but i am considering abortion. it seems to me that at least in my school, abortions aren't the path chosen so iwas wundering if anyone knew the percentage of pregnant teens that actually get abortions. at lest can you tell me if it is high like over 80% or low under 20%.


angel - October 10

well im 15 and i think im preg and i 2 wanna consider abortion i dunno wat to do can u ppl help us out?i dont really have a choice


- October 10

adoption is a great choose for young girls. i hope that i do pick adoption for the baby. good luck


Rachel - October 11

Too many, I'm not gonna give a whole anti-abortion speech or anything, but you need to take responsibility for you actions, not take a so called easy way out, and how are you possibly gonna get the money for one, at the least they're like $500


Actually - October 11

If you want to get an abortion, do your research and you need to tell your parents...Rachel is incorrect in stating that they are "like $500" as Planned Parenthood will do them on a sliding fee scale according to your income, not your parents. So, if you don't have a job, you most likely will have to pay nothing. Telling your parents is the best route to go about it and they will be supportive if you choose to have an abortion. Good Luck to you in whatever you choose. Next time you plan to have s_x, you need to be on birth control so you don't put yourselves in this type of a situation again. And also, Rachel, a teen has a harder time "taking responsiblities" for their actions when that would include their parents helping out financially in rasing the child.


Rachel - October 12

I'm 18, married, and I live with my husband, there's no parents involved. She's old enough to get a job. I don't this saying I'm 16 and all alone is a good enough reason to be able to have s_x with as many people as you can and use abortion as a contraception, cuz that's how it goes. And I really don't think something as major as an abortion would be free. And if it is free, that's extremely sad.


Kal - October 12

Zamaire - to answer your question, around 54% of teen pregnancies that end in abortion. You need to make the decision that's right for you, not try to follow what other people are doing though.


Bonnie - October 12

Well put Kal. Zamaire, do what is right for you. This is a decision only you should make.



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