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ashley_1991 - June 25

Is it just me or has teenage pregnancy become the new "in" thing. I am a young mom 16 with one child one on the way. didnt plan eithe of my kids was on birth control with the second time and the first i was stupid and naive to think it couldnt happen to me. I just dont see why young girls are purposly going out and having children,. Half of them make there parents care for there child and the half loose there kids to CAS i mean there are some teen parents who make it but lets face it these days the chances are slim, Im not a young "poster mom " i have made my mistakes but I have done what i needed to do i work full time so does my boyfriend, i think accidental teenage pregnancy and trying ot have a baby while your a baby are 2 different things. i think teens who TRY to have a child are very stupid and naive in thinking its a walk in the parka nd it really makes me mad when i see girls trying to get pregnant. I know this post will probably offend someone somewhere and Im sorry but im just so tired of seeing on the news "teenage pregnancy groups" and posts on EVERY forum only of young girls saying " i wanna have a baby"


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - June 25

Thats because people think of a baby as staying a baby..they don't realize that the baby requires more then just someone holding them for a moment when they are sad. Or they use a baby to try and trap their boyfriends, which doesn't work. Then another reason is because they think if they have a baby everything will be carefree...no worries. And if they have parents who will raise them, they have an easy excuse. I know SOOO many teens who have kid after kid...one girl is just a few years older then me and is about 20-21 and she already has 4 kids. Her sister is 17-18 and has 2 kids. But their grandmother has them more then they do. Its really sad to see. I am 19 and expecting my second daughter. I have a 10 month old as well. DD was not planned and this baby DH made a mistake, but we were married before both babies were conceived, we were also on our own (officially in August, long story) and I stay home while DH works. But I as well hate seeing people so young think that having a baby will only cure things, when in reality if you aren't ready it will just make everything 3 times worse. I know first hand that its not easy. I didn't want to have kids...but I have a 10 month old daughter who I love more then anything and I also have another little girl on the way. But I really think that the more teens who get pregnant and brag the more that want them. And they also think if they get pregnant together it will be fun because their kids can grow up together. Sad reality is, half of them don't even know that its more then just wearing the same outfit...you can throw out an outfit if you and that group split up, but a baby is a life long sommitment and they are so immature that they don't realize how wrong it is to throw their kids off on someone else


ashley_1991 - June 25

I totally agree with you i'll be 17 when my second is born neither one planned on b/c and stytll got preggers the 2 tyme first tyme i was young n dumb i love my kids but at aint easy and i feel my blookd boil when i see these posts "14 trying for baby" i no wut its like to have a baby at 14 HARD. my bf works full tyme (dad to both my kids) I work part tyme and im home the rest the tyme, my son goes to daycare we have NO help from our families, having a child is more responsibility than anything i could have ever imagined,. they dont stay young. I use to get mad at the ppl who would tell young girls off for wanting babies maybe cuz i was young n though it was directed at ame but sriously these girls need a big kik in the pants!


Teddyfinch - June 25

i applaud you for being mature enough to raise your babies, but i have to say if you were having s_x at 14 without protection, you weren't exactly trying not to have a baby. people who don't use protection usually ARE trying. i'm sorry, but i don't agree with what you're doing, but at least you're being mature about it. that makes a huge difference, to be honest.


ashley_1991 - June 25

At 14 I didnt even no what "S_x" was, I just did it. I feel there is a difference for posting saying trying and just having s_x being stupi, i mean the thought of hey i could get preg NEVER crossed me mind let alone I WANT TO TRY lol But i see where your coming from :P


ashley_1991 - June 25

I guess of me its not even the posts ofn forums but the news with that group of girls trying to have babies like WOW i nodded my head and said to myself I would love to see them take sum1 else's baby and try n raise it even for a week just to see what its REALLY like


Teddyfinch - June 25

no sweetie, you knew. i'm sorry. otherwise you probably wouldn't have done it. we learn about s_x and where babies come from at an early age, even if you're home schooled, so i can't honestly believe that a 14 year old wouldn't know. and i've heard there's a show where these kids that are so ready to have babies get to take care of some borrowed babies and you see the commercials for it and the girls are crying lol.


ashley_1991 - June 25

HAHA that would be a good show, and it is much needed, I wasnt home schooled but i was never allowed to do s_x ed my mother believed that if she kept me from learing i never do it :s i dont speak to her any more


hope-31 - June 25

hi teddy, have you heard about the teens in glouster,ma who appaerently made a pact to get pregnant so they could raise their babies together? crazy! 17 teens either are still or have been pregnant recently in that school. i was not s_xually active til i was 22 but not that i think a teen is ready physically or emotionally ready to have s_x or a baby but obviously they are doing it everywhere so why are they all fighting over not making birth control more accessible. not that they can just grab condoms or the pill but educate them not only about how s_x happens but for gods sakes use protection not just to prevent pregnancy but std/aids. kids know what s_x is at a very early age and they know about bc. they see and hear about s_x wether in music or tv/movies. its everywhere. when my future kids are old enough they will certainly be well informed thats for d__n sure and if they dont use their heads and get pregnant at least i know i did all i could. its not like you can lock them up or put a chast_ty belt on their privates.i dont approve of teen s_x but its a reality.


youlickwindows - June 26

I don't think any of them realise what goes into having a child, they just see cute outfits to dress them up in, and friends coming round going aww he's so cute. Unfortunately it's too late before they start to learn what it's really like.


Teddyfinch - June 26

hope: omg i did hear about that. that is crazy. some girls just think babies stay babies forever. that's sad!


Cristina90 - July 1

Dam your 16.... thats terrible. You shouldn't have children in the first place! Who is sick of seeing teens younger than 18 have kids. than have ANOTHER ONE!! out of your dam mind. its no walk in the park... no kidding. why did you just make it harder on yourself by having another one... another white girl... when will these kids learn.


ashley_1991 - July 1

i love my children im sorry that you feel the way that you do and thats cool with me cuz at the end of the day i know why i do what i do, your right its not walk in the park so be thankful that your not me and you dont have to "walk in my park" whats with your "another white girl "comment ? its not just white girls who have children young thank you its every RACE and CULTURE.


durante baby - July 2

hahaha your right Its not a walk in the park (LIETERALLY) because you arent even old enough to be in the park without being accompanied by an adult!!!!!......I Was never allowed s_x ed for the same reason as you, and I may not have known how exactly everything works, but when you are a curious sheltered kid going through puberty, you Pick up every book and magazine you can to learn about it....I learned from books, magizines, and other people talking...By the time I was about 11 I knew all I need to know to be safe about it......You dont just have s_x and no nothing about it or the risks. and I dont know where you live but almost all states now days require you to have s_x education.......Not to mention you mean t tell me out of both you and the FATHER of your child, niether of you knew to wrap it up, even if it meant being stupid and useing a shower cap?


ashley_1991 - July 2

durantebaby- i will not agrue this out with you. i have made choices and i stand by them, i am old enough to walk in a park, you dont agree with my situation thats fine you have stated your point, and i have stated mine. no need to continue this conversation. I don't owe any body on this forum an explantion on my life and i won't sit here and explain myself have a good one =)


AddysMummy - July 2

I think they are trying to say that you are being slightly hypocritical because you are saying oh it's a fashion statement almost yet you're 16 and on your 2nd just adding to the generalization.


ashley_1991 - July 2

addy i saw the point when this was posted on the 25!



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