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Marcia - October 22

I have been dating the same guy for about 1 year. I don't want to have s_x but he say he will leave me and tell everyone that i am a dirty wh***. I don't want to be his girl friend anymore, how do I make him leave me alone and still keep a good reputation.


... - October 23

Why would anyone believe him? If that's what he thought about you why would he have stayed with you for a year? Why don't you tell him if he tells lies about you, you'll tell everyone that you never had s_x with him because the only way he could c_m is if he played with himself? Or tell everyone you didn't know men that young could need Viagra, but he must have needed it, because he could never get hard enough to put it in. Don't have s_x with him, it's obvious he doesn't care about you.


Angel - October 23

Hey Marcia, dont worry about it. Just leave him and see what he does, he is only likely to tell his friends anyhting nasty about you. Don't go down to his level, Casey is right! As long as you know you didnt sleep with him, then youre alrite. The only thing I have in question here is that: A) If you haven't slept with anyone else then, why would anyone belive him anyway? , B) If he loved you then he would wait till your ready. C) Why are you worried about your 'reputation'? Have you got a bad one in this area already?. Cheers, just thought i'd add in my say and GOOD LUCK :)


ruth - October 26

Gurl, you got to be kidding me. I know it is not my part to say, but he's a LOSER,he only wants one thing from you. I have 2 best friends that have had a few guys who wanted them for one thing. Its wrong and its a SIN. You need to get rid of him as much as you don't want to. I feel bad for you. But you would be better off and you wont be in so much temptation. You know what to do. let him talk and if others have a problem with you , let them go to you and you tell them the truth.Do whats best for you. Good Luck*********


Holly - October 26

Was there a post deleted above Casey's? Did I miss something? Well, Marcia, don't you give yourself to that guy. Let him leave. He's a jerk. I'm glad you don't want to be his girlfriend anymore. You deserve someone who actually loves you. I'm sure you will find that someone one day. Just ignore him. Your reputation will not be ruined so don't worry about that. The above posts are right. Just don't sleep with him, and there will be nothing to worry about. :)


- October 26

if he makes u have s_x and u say no that call rape, so call it on him


Nikkioa - October 26

never listen to peer presure tell an adult or somone you trust take action


Melissa - October 26

Dump the loser and definetly don't give yourself to him. If he starts spreading rumors...then just tell people the truth.."I didn't have s_x with the loser..so he said he was going to tell people I am a dirty whore..I dumped him and took my chances" ....it will make him look like an idiot.....and if it gets out of hand...like at school.....tell a counselor and have him and anyone else involved called in for a group session to call his bluff (have him apologize) and make him look like a pathetic loser......thats what I would do



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