Aborition Scheduled For Tommorow

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Holly - May 17

I have an appointment to have an aborition tomorrow at 3:00 and im scared to death. Im not sure if it's the right thing to do either. Please any advice would be appreciated.


Jen - May 17

If you are not sure, don't do it. Think about adoption...it's only 9 months...and you will bw doing a wonderful thing. I think about our sons birhtmother and I can't imagine him not being here and gave my family the best gift I could ever have.


To Holly - May 17

Please please think about what you are doing think about that life you have inside of you. Think aboout that little heart beat. Just reconsider. There are options out there. there is help if you want to keep it and there is adoption there are people out there that cant have a baby. And in life that is all that they want. I know cause i am one of them. If you want to talk my name is amanda and my email is ttccouple@yahoo.com


Grandpa Viv - May 17

There is no need to be scared. Abortion is safer than childbirth and less traumatic than adoption. It's natural to have misgivings, but in the long run you do you and yours the greatest good by having children when you are ready for them. Good luck tomorrow!


? - May 17

but is she scared about how she will feel about it on the future?


mandie - May 17

There are so many families out there looking to adopt a baby. I know because I am wanting to adopt. My husband and I have been trying for over five years to have our own child and have decided to turn to adoption. I know you must be scared. I think if you give this baby life and give it for adoption you would being giving someone the greatest gift possible. If you decide to keep the baby, I would love to adopt him or her. Email me back at ewartr@bellsouth.net. Let all of us know what you decide to do. I will remember you in my prayers.


SM - May 17

The best thing to do is to go to your appointment a bit early tomorrow and speak to a counselor who will be able to make you feel more at ease with your decision. You will most likely have very mixed feelings after the abortion is over, i.e., relief, anger, frustration, guilt....etc. There should be counselors on hand afterwards to speak to as well in the future if need be. Good luck tomorrow.


To Holly - May 17

what if you think about your baby? would you have liked to be killed because your mother made a "mistake" with some guy?


why - May 18

Q. How did you dispose of an aborted baby? A. We put them down the garbage disposal. Some second and third trimester babies' muscle structure is so strong that the baby will not come apart, so they must be disposed of through trash receptacles. Former abortionist, David Brewer, M.D., says, "My heart got callous against the fact that I was a murderer, but that baby lying in a cold bowl educated me to what abortion really was."


Danielle - May 18

Ask your self 3 questions: 1. Can I financially and mentally care for a child? 2. If i carried this child to term will I be able to give it up when I deliver? 3. Am I ready to raise a child by myself? If you answered no to any of these questions, please go ahead and keep your appointment. However speak to a professional before and after the procedure.


to holly! - May 18

DONT DO IT! you already said you arent sure if its the right thing.you will regret it,please cancel your appointment


Siara - May 18

dont be scared. its not a nice experience but you can bear it. but i think you have to be 100% sure before you do it


not trying to argue - May 18

Grandpa Viv is right. I have read many times that abortion is safer than delivering full-term. Holly, do consider adoption, too. Only you know what you can live with. Best of luck in your decision. Do you have good support in your life? Maybe, discuss it with someone who knows you very well and who has similar views. Good luck.


to holly - May 18

abortion counslers are there to sell abortion go to a program like planned parenthood or birthright and they will help you better than anyone at an abortion clinic


whatever - May 19

Just do what you're gonna do! Why come here and ask for anyone's advie? If you're gonna murder your baby then go ahead with it. You will be haunted from this terrible decision the rest of your life. And whoever said said that abortion is safer than delivery got the info from a cracker jack box! An abortion has caused more deaths, or more women to not be able to have babies the rest of her life. And the worst part of all is the memory that stays with her the rest of her life!


jj - May 19

dont do it ...you will regret it .its not the babies fault...have an ultasound done...see his or her little heart beat...to kill that child is to kill a little part of you -literally.children are always a gift no matter how they come into this world


please - May 19

Holly, please, don't kill your baby - you'll regret it. Give him a chance. If you can't keep her then put her for adoption. Please...



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