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JEN - October 9

Okay, I am not against abortion so please just hear me out. I am not like those other people that post here to put teenage kids down and tell you that you are s___ts. Anyway, as a teenager I had s_x at a young age, always looking for guys to like me. I never got preg. I always had a serious boyfriend but I was never careful. I just think that if you have an abortion at 3 months preg, you will hate yourself for the rest of your life, it's something you never forget. I have two friends that have had them. If you are going to have an abortion, do it in the first month or have the baby and give it up for adoption. I am an adoptive parent and I adore my son, I couldn't imagine him not being here. I thango for his birthmother everday. It really changes a lot of lives forever and you will be doing a wonderful thing. As an adoptive parent I am so thankful for my sons birthmother and I feel for what she went through. She made my my a family wonderful. She will always be a part of our family, I really love her. Words cannot express teh way I feel about open adoption. It's just somehting for you to think about, something other then abortion adn it really can turn out wonderful. She knows her baby is happy and she knows she has made me and my husband the happiest people in the world. She is an my angel. I am not against abortion. It's a individual desicion. I just want you to think about it. Thanks for reading my post!!


$weetne$$ - October 10

i have to agree wid you...although i wouldnt go through an abortion myself...i would try and presude a teen girl not to have an abortion...there are other ways...as you said there is adoption...so many families out dere can not have a child of their own and their adopted child has been a blessing to them...also i dont think a girl should rush into an abortion, you shouldnt have an abortion jus cos ur scared...you should sit down and discuss it wid the baby's father, parents and ur parents first...you may b surprised how supportive they may turn out to be to u keeping the baby...i will never judge someone who does decide to have an abortion...but i do argue dat you must fully think about what your doing cos once you go through wid dat, theres no going back.


staci - October 11

I agree. I'm not sure what I am going to do. I am 17 years old and this post helped me think about things more. thanks jen and $weene$$. It made me think about my future feelings. I guess I need to think about that too, not just now.


cakes - October 13

I really agree with you, I had an abortion about 4 years ago, i was 7 weeks pregnant, if i had waited any longer i don't think i could have done it!!



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