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$weetne$$ - October 13

http://womensissues.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.abortionno.org%2FResources%2Faudiovideo.html please go to HARDER TRUTH (abortion video) now im not hear to judge anyone , but i would like poeple to know what an abortion really involves...to see what they about to do b4 they go through wid it...da final decision it up to u and hopefully you wont make ur decision out of ignorance after watching dat video


Ughhh - October 13

Or try this - instead of watching a video that was designed as a SCARE TACTIC (likely by churchies), you can ask real people who have been through an abortion to get the truth. Ask me... I will tell you my honest opinion and what I went through. To the OP - Why don't you offer a video of teen mothers that have not been able to get their lives together after the baby?? Or, offer a video of what it is like to give birth?? Biased are you?


$weetne$$ - October 13

oh do shut up...if u wanna see what it looks like, ive provided a link dat shows it...jus cos u go to sleep for a couple mins and everythings GONE it makes it ok....no im not biase....everyone has a choice to do what they wanna do....but dont go around thinking its a QUICK fix...im jus tryna tell people to really sit down and think about what u are gonna do...cos abortion isnt da only choice...but if dats da choice u've made...well fair enough den


Kally - October 13

When people have abortions, they have thought it through. Why do people tell them to think long and hard before they have one? THEY DO believe me! Even the youngest, most immature of girls have feelings and I don't imagine they just think of it as a quick fix. The majority know what a major, perhaps lifechanging, issue it is. After all they are the one making the decision and nobody takes it lightly. Of course saying all girls think this way would be very inaccurate. The video (I didn't watch) shows them the practicalities of abortion. An experienced poster would be able to help them with the emotional side of it. No disrespect at all to you Sweetness but it could be very upsetting for some girls to watch, especially if they see it after having an abortion. But I suppose you have to leave it up to the individual. Best wishes.



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